Spray-on Skin

Spray-on Skin, A pharmaceutical company says preliminary findings support a spray-on treatment that uses skin cells to speed the healing of venous leg ulcers, a condition that often strikes the elderly. The treatment hasn’t gone through all the research necessary before it can become available in the United States, and the approval process will take years. Also, it’s not clear how much the treatment will cost, and it’s possible that future research will reveal side effects.

Barack Obama Birthday

Barack Obama Birthday, Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., smiles as the crowd sings “Happy Birthday” to him at a campaign rally at the Lansing Center August 4, 2008, in Lansing, Mich. President Obama turns 51 Saturday, but the birthday gifts are already pouring in. Employment numbers released today showed larger-than-expected gains in the workforce, with 163,000 new jobs added in June. Economists were predicting that number to come in at around 95,000.

Dead Mouse Found In Curry Jar

Dead Mouse Found In Curry Jar, Hungry Cate Barrett made the gruesome discovery as she was about to tuck into dinner with her partner Nigel. Tikka mouse-ala: The curry sauce – complete with rodent, The nursery worker noticed that the £1.49 sauce was ‘more lumpy than usual’ as she prepared the meal.

Domino’s Workers Spitting In Food

Domino’s Workers Spitting In Food, The two Domino’s employees involved in posting videos of themselves performing unsanitary acts while on the job have not only been fired but have had warrants issued for their arrest, the BBC reports. Domino’s said that the employees involved viewed the video as a prank and the food was never delivered. However, a spokeswoman said that the company was “not in a forgive-and-forget mood”.

Pizza Hut Band Aid

Pizza Hut Band Aid, Ken Wieczerza usually loves a slice of leftover pizza from the refrigerator. But when he bit into this particular piece of cold Pizza Hut pie, he recoiled when his teeth encountered an unexpected ingredient: a blue bandage with what appeared to be remnants of dried blood. “It felt kind of like biting into a folded-up piece of plastic,” he recalled. “I can’t think of anything more disgusting than chewing on a bandage, other than a body part. Fortunately, I didn’t swallow it.”

Band-Aid In Pizza

Band-Aid In Pizza, On June 9th, Ken Wieczerza of Ballston Lakes, New York, took a slice of leftover Pizza Hut out of his refrigerator and took a bite. Because the pizza was cold, its firmness was not unexpected. But there was a rubberiness to the texture that he did not expect. He spit out the pizza, and saw, to his disgust, that a bloody bandaid had been baked into the crust, according to the Albany Times Union.

Dominos Workers Arrested For Spitting In Food

Dominos Workers Arrested For Spitting In Food, The two Domino’s employees involved in posting videos of themselves performing unsanitary acts while on the job have not only been fired but have had warrants issued for their arrest, the BBC reports. Domino’s said that the employees involved viewed the video as a prank and the food was never delivered. However, a spokeswoman said that the company was “not in a forgive-and-forget mood”.

Woman Finds Fried Chicken Head

Woman Finds Fried Chicken Head, A woman in Virginia opened her order of fried chicken pieces from McDonalds and was disgusted to find the deep-fried head of a chicken. This is an unusual eRumor because it does have a first-hand source, but the final chapter of the story has yet to be written.

Condom In French Onion Soup Settlement

Condom In French Onion Soup Settlement, California man’s lawsuit against a restaurant that allegedly served him French onion soup with a condom in it has been settled out of court. Eric Traut, a lawyer for Philip Hodousek of Mission Viejo, and lawyers for Irvine-based Claim Jumper restaurants said the July 2009 lawsuit has been resolved for an undisclosed amount, The Orange County (Calif.) Register reported Friday.

Man Sues Over Condom In French Onion Soup

Man Sues Over Condom In French Onion Soup, Prepare yourself for this sentence: Zdenek Philip Hodouse is suing an Orange County, Calif., restaurant over a prophylactic he found in his French onion soup. According to a lawsuit filed on Wednesday, Hodousek was eating an Easter meal with his family at a restaurant called Claim Jumper when he noticed a foreign object in his soup.

Man Finds Condom In French Onion Soup

Man Finds Condom In French Onion Soup, The mere thought of this makes me sick to my stomach… A California man, Philip Hodousek, had a surprise waiting for him when he tasted the “chewier-than-usual cheese” in his French onion soup! After moments of chewing the cheese, Hodousek discovered there was a condom in his soup.

Burger King Employee Stomps On Lettuce Identified By Gps

Burger King Employee Stomps On Lettuce Identified By Gps, An Ohio Burger King employee who posted a photo of himself stomping on bins of lettuce served to customers was tracked down by the users of popular online image board 4chan. Hypervocal reports that the unnamed employee was careless when he posted the photo of himself stepping in two bins of lettuce destined for customers’ burgers and salads. He didn’t bother to remove the embedded GPS data from the images, and it took livid 4chan users less than 15 minutes to identify the location of the Mayfield Heights Burger King where the man worked.

Burger King Worker Stomps On Lettuce

Burger King Worker Stomps On Lettuce, An unidentified employee at an Ohio Burger King posted a photo of himself stepping in lettuce to 4chan on Monday. Users of the popular image board responded by pinpointing his location and contacting management and news media. UPDATE: Burger King has fired three employees over the incident. PREVIOUSLY: The tech media likes to describe Internet image board 4chan as a lawless, unruly place, but apparently there’s justice in the Web’s Wild West after all. An anonymous 4chan user and Burger King employee posted a photo of himself stepping in bins of lettuce to the site on the evening of July 16. The original poster captioned the image with “This is the lettuce you eat at Burger King.”

Arbys Worker Finger Injury

Arbys Worker Finger Injury, A health department report says three to four sandwiches might have been made at a Michigan Arby’s restaurant before an employee reported to management she had sliced her finger.

McDonalds Cockroach Hash Brown

McDonalds Cockroach Hash Brown, McDonald’s is back in the social media spotlight — and again, for the wrong reasons. Reddit user Link BoyJT reports ordering a hash brown at the fast food restaurant and feeling “something on the bottom,” which turned out to be a deep-fried cockroach.

Cockroach In McDonald’s Hash Browns

Cockroach In McDonald’s Hash Browns, Reddit user LinkBoyJT posted an image Wednesday that might make your skin crawl. After ordering a McDonald’s hash brown and eating most of it, he says he was startled to find what he claims was a deep-fried insect stuck to the bottom half.

FBI Investigates Needles On Airplane

FBI Investigates Needles On Airplane, Jim Tonjes was high above North America when he bit into a hot turkey sandwich aboard a Delta Air Lines flight and felt a sudden jab in his mouth. Glancing down, he noticed what looked like a sewing needle in the food. Another passenger on the plane reported the same thing. At first, he thought a toothpick meant to hold the sandwich together had punctured the roof of his mouth. When he pulled it out, “it was a straight needle, about one inch long, with sharp points on both ends.”

Needle Found Turkey Sandwiches

Needle Found Turkey Sandwiches, Police at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport have opened a criminal investigation into how needles got into turkey sandwiches served to passengers on Delta Air Lines flights from Amsterdam to the United States, a spokesman said Tuesday. The FBI also is investigating the incidents. Delta said what appear to be sewing needles were found in five sandwiches on Sunday. One passenger on a flight to Minneapolis was injured. The other needles were on two flights to Atlanta and one to Seattle.

Air Canada’s Reaction To Sewing Needle

Air Canada’s Reaction To Sewing Needle, For one Air Canada passenger this week the old joke about bad airline food was no laughing matter after finding a sewing needle in a sandwich. Air Canada spokeswoman Angela Mah said the finding was made on a flight from Victoria to Toronto on Monday of “what appears to be a sewing needle in a pre-packaged sandwich on board our flight.”

Gross Things Found In Food

Gross Things Found In Food, Would you make the same food choices if you knew some of the secret ingredients of your daily diet? Sunscreen in salad dressing? Yep! The food you ate today was probably disgusting. If yours was a processed meal, it could easily have included a full day’s worth of salt, fat, and calories. But this isn’t breaking news. Most of us have a vague idea that we’re running on junk – it’s cheap and delicious, yet we eat it anyway.

Dr. Ruth Ryan Lochte

Dr. Ruth Ryan Lochte, Ryan Lochte’s mom is going to have a lot of ‘splaining to do. Like, how she dragged her Olympic-stud in the middle of a mess not of his own doing. Yeah, he’s already raked in four medals during these London games, so that’s all good and stuff.

Serena Williams Olympics 2012

Serena Williams Olympics 2012, Serena Williams says she finds the Olympics at Wimbledon relaxing because of the festive atmosphere, and her matches have certainly been nothing to tense up about. Williams won another blowout Friday, this time against the world’s No. 1-ranked player, beating Victoria Azarenka 6-1, 6-2. Williams clinched the first singles medal of her career, and she’ll play first-time Olympian Maria Sharapova in the final Saturday.

Liz Cambage First Woman To Dunk Olympics

Liz Cambage First Woman To Dunk Olympics, History was made when Australia’s Liz Cambage became the first woman to dunk in the Olympics. The 6-8 Cambage caught the ball at the top of the key, took one dribble and threw it down. FIBA couldn’t confirm if Cambage was the first woman to dunk in an Olympic game, but her teammates couldn’t remember another one.

Kanye West Shoes

Kanye West Shoes, So those of you who thought Kanye West was too busy being Kim Kardashian’s stylist to continue working on his fashion line better think again. Hot on the heels of a rumor that Kanye may be working on a menswear collection comes news that he hasn’t abandoned womenswear quite yet. According to our very well-informed little birdie, Kanye will be showing his third women’s ready to wear collection in Paris in October.

Cal Ripken Mother

Cal Ripken Mother, kidnapping of his mother last week, a crime he called both bizarre and unsettling. The Hall of Fame infielder, speaking publicly for the first time about the abduction, said he doesn’t know why his 74-year-old mother, Vi, was kidnapped at gunpoint from her home outside Baltimore, blindfolded and driven around in her for nearly 24 hours. She was found unharmed in her car early the next morning, near her home.

Lollapalooza 2012

Lollapalooza 2012, This weekend, the music world once again turns its annual attention to Chicago’s Grant Park, where Lollapalooza will spread its freaky tentacles across eight stages, dozens of food booths, and countless pairs of ruined shoes. (If you’re not there, you may miss the falafel and the mud, but you can still watch nearly all of the performances on your laptop via the Dell-sponsored livestream and archive on YouTube,)

Golden Gate Bridge Climber Custody

Golden Gate Bridge Climber Custody, The security system protecting the Golden Gate Bridge from terrorist attacks is not impregnable, bridge officials acknowledged Friday after a suicidal man spent a windy, cold night perched at the very top of the bridge’s south tower.

India 2013 Mars Mission

India 2013 Mars Mission, India plans to launch their first mission to Mars next year, to study the geology and climate of the planet. The country’s space program gained credibility in 2009 after their satellite discovered water on the moon. India plans to launch a mission to Mars next year, putting an orbital probe around the red planet to study its climate and geology, top space department officials said on Thursday.

Lily Allen New Name

Lily Allen New Name, Lily Allen is to release her third album under a new name. The 27-year-old singer has announced that she is taking on her husband’s surname, recording her next record as Lily Rose Cooper. Allen’s announcement comes about one year after her marriage to Sam Cooper, in Gloucestershire. The couple had a baby daughter in November and they are currently expecting a second child.

Jessica Biel On Her Wedding Secret

Jessica Biel On Her Wedding Secret, The star may take style advice from fiance Justin Timberlake but says one issue is off-limits.

July 2012 Celebrity Quotes

July 2012 Celebrity Quotes, Who said what?! K-Pop stars often say the most surprising/funniest things! From G-Dragon’s love for skater girls to Park Jin Young’s reason for not getting a nose job!

“No one really started it. We just all started going papapapak~farting.” – f(x)’s Victoria said when asked which f(x) member first farted in front of the members. Luna added, “We became closer by openly farting in front of each other.”

$30,000 Hard Drive Could Last A Million Years

$30,000 Hard Drive Could Last A Million Years, The scientists behind an indestructible disk aren’t interested in preserving your photos and MP3s. $30K for a Million Years of Storage, Countries with nuclear power plants have spent decades figuring out the proper place to bury nuclear waste and will spend decades more digging and filling 500 meter holes in the earth where it will live. One of the most the crucial pieces in safely burying the waste is keeping accurate records of where the waste is buried so that future generations don’t accidentally dig it up.

Mystery Of Man In N. Korea Photo Solved

Mystery Of Man In N. Korea Photo Solved, The Dear Leader’s park ride buddy didn’t look like his usual companions. Mystery Man In North Korea Found?

While unveiling his new wife last week, North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un went to an amusement park. While there he was photographed on a roller coaster with a mysterious westerner.

The Most Adorable Photo Of The Olympics

The Most Adorable Photo Of The Olympics, Missy Franklin and Ryan Lochte have made history lately, and this pic is one for the ages. Ryan Lochte, Missy Franklin, and the most adorable photo ever, America’s two swimming sweethearts are shown in this photo, posted to Twitter, sharing a friendly embrace before they set out to make more history on Thursday night at London’s Aquatic Centre.

Bride In Cold Sea, Groom In Hot Water

Bride In Cold Sea, Groom In Hot Water, Richard Hay’s idea for a wedding photo will not be remembered as a grand romantic gesture.

Dave Clark Princess Beatrice Boyfriend

Dave Clark Princess Beatrice Boyfriend, Her sister Eugenie walked in her graduation ceremony from Newcastle University wearing a cap and gown last week, and this weekend, Princess Beatrice decided to have a little celebration of her own — on a yacht in the south of France.

Obama Girls Read Young Adult Novels

Obama Girls Read Young Adult Novels, While some teens and preteens choose to fill their bookshelves with copies of The Hunger Games and Twilight, Malia and Sasha Obama are reading something a bit more advanced: existentialist literature.

Pippa Middleton Book About Party Planning

Pippa Middleton Book About Party Planning, The Middleton sisters have patched up after a brief thaw in their relations, with the Duchess of Cambridge now doling out tips to her sister Pippa MiddletonPippa Middleton on how to work in United States, ahead of the launch of the latter’s party-planning book ‘Celebrate.’

Zooey And Emily Deschanel On Bones Together

Zooey And Emily Deschanel On Bones Together, Other than a passionate Booth and Bones kiss, Bones fans have looked forward to few things more than the possibility of Emily Deschanel’s sister and fellow actress Zooey guest starring on the show. We may still be waiting on a Booth and Bones kiss, but the wait is over when it comes to Zooey guest starring.

Sight Sound Top 50 Full List

Sight Sound Top 50 Full List, So many auteurs, so little time… It’s less than 24 hours since the unveiling of Sight & Sound’s once-a-decade extensive poll of film critics to find the quote-unquote greatest film of all time, which for the first time ever, saw Orson Welles’ “Citizen Kane” fall off the top spot and replaced by Alfred Hitchcock’s “Vertigo.” And as ever, the list has already inspired extensive and fervent debate.

Sight Sound Top Movies List

Sight Sound Top Movies List, Alfred Hitchcock fans rejoice: “Vertigo,” which is widely considered the filmmaker’s masterpiece, has come out on top of Sight & Sound magazine’s list of the top 50 greatest films of all time. Hitchcock’s 1958 dark psychological thriller, which focuses on an acrophobic San Francisco detective’s descent into obsession as he trails an old friend’s wife, ousted another critical favorite, Orson Welles’ 1941 landmark “Citizen Kane,” which for the first time in 50 years did not take the list’s top spot.

Krista Mann Tanning Mom

Krista Mann Tanning Mom, Another ‘tanning mom’ has emerged just as her predecessor Patricia Krentcil has been banned from at least 63 salons in the tri-state area. Krista Mann, a 28-year-old mom, has been arrested after allegedly leaving her two children unattended in a car while she visited a tanning salon in Elizabethtown, Pa.

Tanning Mom Child Endangerment

Tanning Mom Child Endangerment, The New Jersey mom who allegedly took her 5-year-old daughter tanning — and later was dubbed “Tan Mom” due to her tangerine tint — hasn’t gone tanning in weeks. Now she feels “pale and weird.” Poor thing… Despite declaring that the second-degree child endangerment charge against her wouldn’t stifle her daily tanning “errand,” Patricia Krentcil has abstained from hitting the tanning bed for a month, and recently showed off her new, ivory look to InTouch magazine, which apparently didn’t get the memo that this woman’s 15 minutes expired about two months ago.

Tanning Mom Slams Snooki

Tanning Mom Slams Snooki, On the heels of the controversy over tanning-obsessed New Jersey mother Patricia Krentcil, the woman accused of bringing her child to a tanning salon, Krentcil is now being called out by America’s most famous tanned person. Extra‘s Mario Lopez spoke with Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi about the incident.

Tanning Mom Used To Be A Model

Tanning Mom Used To Be A Model, Tan Mom, the 44-year-old who became a Z-list celebrity overnight after trying to take her five-year-old daughter to a tanning salon, has given up sunbaking for good. Challenged by In Touch magazine, Patricia Krentcil surrendered her solarium pass for 30 days. She was ordered to stay out of the sun (both real and artificial), and while she admits she cheated a little bit (she used a self-tanning product), the challenge changed her life.

Patricia Krentcil I Feel Weird Pale

Patricia Krentcil I Feel Weird Pale, She’s a vision in white. Tanning mom Patricia Krentcil has been hiding in the shade — resisting real and artificial UV rays for a full month, she says, to prove she’s not addicted to tanning. The New Jersey mother of four, who has been accused of taking her 6-year-old daughter into a tanning bed, says she is done with the sun after baking three to four times a week for 12 years.

Kris Humphries Beat Michael Phelps

Kris Humphries Beat Michael Phelps, If you think Michael Phelps’ 19 Olympic medals is impressive, wait till you hear who could’ve held that prestigious distinction. NetsDaily.com tweeted Tuesday to remind the world that, once upon a time, Nets forward and one-time Kardashian, Kris Humphries may have been a better swimmer than Phelps.

Michael Phelps 2016 Olympic Announcer

Michael Phelps 2016 Olympic Announcer, Michael Phelps might be retiring after the 2012 London Games but that doesn’t mean he won’t return with a very different role in 2016. According to several sources network executives are attempting to lure Phelps into an Olympic announcer role. Phelps will leave the 2012 London Olympics as the most decorated athlete of all-time.

Michael Phelps Condo $400,000 Loss

Michael Phelps Condo $400,000 Loss, Michael Phelps didn’t just take a beating in the 200m butterfly recently … he also got his ASS kicked by the real estate market — letting go of his swank Baltimore condo for $400,000 less than what he bought it for.

Chambliss DOJ Swatting

Chambliss DOJ Swatting, U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga., demanded further explanation from Attorney General Eric Holder Wednesday morning on the recent increase in politically motivated SWAT-ting attacks, after receiving a mere cursory response from the Justice Department on June 29 according to a press release issued by his office.

Swatter Gets 30 Months In Prison

Swatter Gets 30 Months In Prison, A Washington state man who used Caller ID spoofing to send armed cops to the homes of a dozen innocent people was sentenced to 30 months in prison Wednesday, and ordered to pay nearly $24,000 in restitution to the police departments he hoaxed. Guadalupe Santana Martinez, 31, is the first defendant to be sentenced in federal court in Dallas for a string of so-called “swatting” crimes against people who angered them on telephone party lines. Four admitted co-conspirators face sentencing in March and April.

Swatting Prank Bloggers

Swatting Prank Bloggers, Many people first heard about the crime of “SWATing” — sending the police to someone’s home with a false emergency call — after a string of four swattings were perpetrated on conservative bloggers over a 14-month span. Even though last night’s swatting incident involving singer/actress Miley Cyrus is likely unrelated to the political swattings, it will still raise the profile of the crime itself. It also could act as leverage to get the Obama administration to heed Congress’s call and begin taking the crimes seriously.

Miley Cyrus Philadelphia

Miley Cyrus Philadelphia, Miley Cyrus’ home has become the victim of a hoax 911 call after pranksters reported an attack on the house. The Los Angeles Police Department were quick to respond to the emergency call, employing helicopters and surrounding the premises with armed officers. It wasn’t long before they discovered that house was actually completely empty and they had fallen victim of a new prank craze known as ‘swatting’ which involves the jokers making up a fairly major crime in order to have a Swat team sent to the home of an individual.

Miley Cyrus Bathtub Photo

Miley Cyrus Bathtub Photo, In recent years, Miley Cyrus has not been shy about expressing her sexuality or playing up her attractiveness. And why should she? She’s a cute girl. She’s also been over 18 for awhile now. But the internet is abuzz about a photograph that has appeared online featuring Miley “naked” in a bathtub. In the photo, which doesn’t feature any actual nudity, there is some side-boob showing along with the dream catcher tattoo that runs down her right rib cage.

Drunk Man Elderly Couple

Drunk Man Elderly Couple, Authorities say an elderly Michigan couple got a surprise when a 27-year-old drunken man climbed into bed with them after mistakenly wandering into their cottage. The Livingston County Daily Press & Argus of Howell reports the man left his young children home alone nearby Saturday night in Putnam Township, about 40 miles west of Detroit, before showing up in the couple’s bedroom about 3:30 a.m. Sunday.

Alaska Man DUI .313

Alaska Man DUI .313, A Juneau man was arrested Sunday night by Alaska State Troopers on the Chena River near Fairbanks, where he was allegedly floating on a raft with several times the legal blood-alcohol content to operate a watercraft.

Man 7th DUI Lawn Mower

Man 7th DUI Lawn Mower, It was Lonnie Haney’s seventh drunken driving conviction that got him sent to prison. This time he was on a lawn mower. Anderson County District Attorney Dave Clark told The Knoxville News Sentinel the court sent Haney “back to `Go,”‘ a reference to the board game Monopoly.

Priest Saved Hitler Drowning

Priest Saved Hitler Drowning, Maybe Hollywood should make a movie called Hitler’s List. Like Oskar Schindler, Adolf Hitler personally intervened to save a Jewish person from persecution and deportation to a concentration camp—too bad Hitler’s list had just one name one it.

Woman Lifts Car Off Dad Saves Life

Woman Lifts Car Off Dad Saves Life, Lauren Kornacki learned CPR several times. For years she’s worked as a lifeguard. The 22-year-old just graduated from Mary Washington with a physics degree, but while looking for work, she decided to return to something familiar to earn a little money. Two days ago, her supervisor held a review session on CPR skills.

Off-duty Lifeguard Gets Ambulance Bill

Off-duty Lifeguard Gets Ambulance Bill, An off-duty lifeguard never imagined he’d get a bill after saving someone. But the Good Samaritan received a $2,600 hospital bill. John Clark of Vancouver thought he was doing the right thing. The 17-year old was relaxing with his family at Rockaway Beach on July 1st when he heard screams for help. A 12-year old boy was being swept out to sea.

Lifeguard $2,600 Bill

Lifeguard $2,600 Bill, When John Clark saw a 12-year-old boy struggling in the breakers at Rockaway Beach, Ore., he didn’t think twice about swimming out to help him. Just one month earlier, the Vancouver teen started lifeguarding at the Firstenburg and Marshall community center pools. Nothing in his training told him he was expected to perform rescues off duty. Nothing told him his efforts would cost him $2,600 either.

Michael Phelps Sells Condo

Michael Phelps Sells Condo, Michael Phelps changed the tides of history this week, as his Olympic wins got him the coveted world record of ‘the most decorated Olympian of all time.’ However, even his massive fame, sexy looks and unparalled talents could not get him a buyer for his Baltimore condo which has been on the market for quite some time.

Lifeguard Saves Boy Gets Bill

Lifeguard Saves Boy Gets Bill, A teen lifeguard who rescued a boy off the Oregon coast was surprised after he was hit with a hefty hospital bill, according to a Thursday report.

Yahoo.com said trained pool lifeguard John Clark, 17, went into the ocean to help a 12-year-old boy he saw struggling in the water.

Juneau Man DUI River

Juneau Man DUI River, On Sunday, Juneau resident William Modene, 32, was charged with a DUI for allegedly floating down the Chena River on an inflatable raft with a breath-alcohol content of 0.313, nearly four times the legal limit of 0.08, The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reports.

Tanning Mom Stops Tanning

Tanning Mom Stops Tanning, Yesterday, In Touch showed off exclusive photographs of a middle-aged NJ woman. This would not be news but for the fact that the woman is Patricia Krentcil, the woman addicted to tanning to the point of looking like she baked herself in maple syrup then sprayed wood finish over herself. Krentcil told the magazine, “Everyone says I look so much better less tan. I feel weird and pale.”

Sight Sound Magazine Top Films

Sight Sound Magazine Top Films, According to the latest Sight and Sound magazine poll just out August 1st, Alfred Hitchcock’s 1958 masterpiece “Vertigo” is now considered to be the greatest film in the history of cinema. The British cinema magazine poll, conducted every ten years since 1962, has been announced and for the first time in the poll’s history, Orson Welles’ “Citizen Kane” is not atop the list. The thriller starring James Stewart and Kim Novak is.

Same Sex Kiss Day At Chick-fil-a

Same Sex Kiss Day At Chick-fil-a, Gay rights activists plan a “kiss day” at Chick-fil-A outlets nationwide Friday amid a controversy over a company official’s stance against same-sex marriages. Organizers used social media to urge same-sex couples to participate in the event and post pictures and videos online. The latest campaign follows a Wednesday event dubbed “Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day” in which Americans lined up at eateries nationwide to support the company.

USA Today Coaches Poll

USA Today Coaches Poll, Despite its lopsided loss to Alabama in last January’s BCS national title game, LSU will open the 2012 season ranked No. 1 in at least one poll. LSU sits atop the USA Today Top 25 coaches poll released on Thursday, with Alabama second and Southern California third.

Patrick Dempsey Tweets Grey’s Anatomy Spoiler

Patrick Dempsey Tweets Grey’s Anatomy Spoiler, Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane welcome a baby girl, In the photo posted on July 30, which Dempsey later took down at ABC’s request, Dane is shown unconscious in a hospital bed. In July, it was announced that the actor would be leaving the medical series next season, after six years of portraying Dr. Mark “McSteamy” Sloan.

Jacqueline Laurita And Hatred Of Teresa Giudice

Jacqueline Laurita And Hatred Of Teresa Giudice, Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jacqueline Laurita has declared that she has cut her co-star Teresa Giudice out of her life. Laurita told Life & Style that she “realized [Giudice] is not a friend” because of the fallout of Giudice’s feud with her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga. “[She] sabotaged business dealings and said things behind my back that really upset me,” Laurita alleged.

Melanie Amaro First Single

Melanie Amaro First Single, Melanie Amaro, the winner of the first season of the Fox hit The X Factor (2011), has been working hard in the studio since her impressive victory, and proudly premieres her first single “Don’t Fail Me Now,” today. The song, written by Livvi Franc (Britney Spears, Michael Jackson) and produced by Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins (Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears), represents Amaro’s arduous journey to stardom. In “Don’t Fail Me Now,” Amaro describes her road to success, “I’ve paid my dues, I’ve paid the price, I’ve prayed for you almost every night.” She pleads, “I’ve walked the longest road so don’t fail me now, feet don’t fail me now.”

Frank Sinatra New York Penthouse For Sale

Frank Sinatra New York Penthouse For Sale, Frank Sinatra’s former Manhattan penthouse, where Ol’ Blue Eyes entertained the hell-raising Rat Pack, has gone on the market for $7.7 million. “Occupy Sinatra’s Party Penthouse Night and Day,” the brokers, Rubicon Property, Tweeted. The apartment that Andy Warhol described as a “glittering grotto in the sky” has panoramic views of New York’s East River, four bedrooms and four full bathrooms, and a wraparound terrace.

Missing Swimmer Found Alive

Missing Swimmer Found Alive, Remember how worried you were about that guy who apparently got sucked out to sea at Jones Beach over the weekend? And the tens of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money rescuers spent trying to find him? Well, get ready to be pissed off because it appears the whole thing was bullshit — he was found alive and well in South Carolina today, after calling his brother from Florida early yesterday morning.

Tippi Hedren And Alfred Hitchcock

Tippi Hedren And Alfred Hitchcock, Tippi Hedren, an icon among Alfred Hitchcock’s leading ladies, has long been open about her trials working for the obsessive director. His fixation on Hedren, which prompted unwanted sexual advances, refusing to let her out of her contract and ultimately blacklisting her, is documented in HBO’s upcoming film The Girl. And though Sienna Miller takes on the Birds and Marnie star in the scripted venture, Hedren is helping promote the project by endorsing its authenticity.

Facebook Fake Accounts

Facebook Fake Accounts, If you’re using a fake name on your Facebook account, maintaining a personal profile for your beloved pet or have a second profile you use just for logging in to other sites, you have one of the 83.09 million fake accounts Facebook wants to disable. In an updated regulatory filing released Wednesday, the social media company said that 8.7 percent of its 955 million monthly active users worldwide are actually duplicate or false accounts.

Steve Carell The Daily Show And Too Cruel

Steve Carell The Daily Show And Too Cruel, Steve Carell is giving Tom Hanks a run for his reputation as the nicest guy in Hollywood. You might not know this, but the comedic actor got his start as a correspondent for The Daily Show, so we’d expect him to be nothing but grateful when asked about his experience there. Turns out, he’s not — or he at least has a hard time showing it.

Hiroshi Hoketsu Oldest Competitor

Hiroshi Hoketsu Oldest Competitor, The crowd did not go wild for Hiroshi Hoketsu of Japan as he rode Whisper out on to the sand of the Greenwich Park equestrian arena at one o’clock on Thursday afternoon. It wasn’t a question of bad manners; more a question of consideration. A stadium-sized roar to acknowledge the arrival of the Games’ oldest competitor – a ramrod-straight and dapper man of 71 – would have frightened the mare and probably embarrassed her rider.

NJ Mom Arrested Allegedly Daughter Tanning Booth

NJ Mom Arrested Allegedly Daughter Tanning Booth

NJ Mom Arrested Allegedly Daughter Tanning Booth, “Tanning mom” Patricia Krentcil is changing her look, debuting her fairer skin in a popular U.S. magazine after being accused of taking her 6-year-old daughter into a tanning booth, CBS New York reports.
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