Lifeguard Saves Boy Gets Bill

Lifeguard Saves Boy Gets Bill, A teen lifeguard who rescued a boy off the Oregon coast was surprised after he was hit with a hefty hospital bill, according to a Thursday report. said trained pool lifeguard John Clark, 17, went into the ocean to help a 12-year-old boy he saw struggling in the water.

Clark reportedly said the swells were strong enough to push them down to the sand.

The article said Clark stayed with the 12-year-old and helped keep him calm and until a watercraft was able to take them to safety.

The boy went to the hospital and Clark, who reportedly had a headache, was also taken.

However, the lifeguard was surprised when he received a hospital bill of nearly $2,600, according to the report.

While he said he thought there would be a bill, he didn’t think it would be so expensive.

The total includes a charges from the emergency room, the physician, and the ride in the ambulance.

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