Highest Paid Female Athletes in the World

No. 1: Maria Sharapova

Estimated Income : $24.5 million

Recent Earnings : $70 million

Game: Tennis

Age: 23

sponsors: Nike

No Fuel Supercars

The Buckeye Bullet is an ongoing project by the Ohio State University that has already broken the two-way land speed on Hydrogen fuel cells. This awesome vehicle has just broken the battery-powered land speed record, reaching 291mph.

Stairs House in Japan

Unique house in Shimane, Japan is famous for its cool roof made of stairs. Open spaces between the stairs are covered with clear glass that lets in light and protects the house from rain.

10 Feel Good Prints and Posters

Never underestimate the power of positive thinking. Sometimes reading just the right words at just the right time can give you just the push you need to get things done... or to stop doing and relax. Fortunately for all of us, inspirational posters have a come a long way since those of the "If life hands you lemons..." variety. We guarantee at least one of these prints will put a smile on your face.*

Whats In Your Bag

This time Jason Travis has come with a new & creative idea of capturing real people with the items inside bags, here are some amazing & interesting shots

Modern Log Cabin

The design was based on the concept of the “folie”, where the wooden structure is broken into two parts to establish a radical spatial boundary while materializing an unexpected entry sequence.

Cool Scotch Tape

WoW.. Thats we call really creative Scorch Tape

Beautiful Art of Glass Cobwebs

Brent Kee Young (Brent Kee Young) working with glass since the 70-ies, and all this time the author did not stop experimenting with the possibilities of your favorite material and reach new heights in creativity and careers. Among his latest works - a series of sculptures «Matrix Series». Clear, delicate, like a delicate spider's web - not just believe that these works are made of glass! 

Concept Coffee Racepresso

Companies Ferrari and Nespresso espresso machines introduced the concept, created in the form of a racing helmet. Unusual maker called Racepresso. Creator of the concept called Ilgar Rustamov.

Competition for Pulling Ears

And that only people who did not come up, just not work! :-) That appeared contest pulling ... ears. In my terribly frightened! So without an ear to stay. Watch ...

Very Unusual Coffee

You may ask, and what it unusual? See pictures and all will see

Moscow Olympic Games 1980 Rare Pictures

In 1980 Canadian spouses David and Cheryl Hendersons came on a visit to Moscow to see XXII Summer Olympic Games where they took a lot of interesting photos. They were the parents of a Canadian sportswoman Sandra Henderson who set the Olympic flame in 1976 in Montreal. Here are the pics not only of the Opening Ceremony but beautiful views of Moscow that changed so much on those July days.
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