July 2012 Celebrity Quotes

July 2012 Celebrity Quotes, Who said what?! K-Pop stars often say the most surprising/funniest things! From G-Dragon’s love for skater girls to Park Jin Young’s reason for not getting a nose job!

“No one really started it. We just all started going papapapak~farting.” – f(x)’s Victoria said when asked which f(x) member first farted in front of the members. Luna added, “We became closer by openly farting in front of each other.”

“Girls that ride skateboards are sexy!” – G-Dragon shared this message

“I really didn’t get it [plastic surgery] done…No, I really didn’t. I don’t invest in areas where I see no hope.” – Park Jin Young confessed that he didn’t get any work done on his face during last week’s episode of KBS “Happy Together.”

“It was stressful pretending to be sexy when I’m not. I asked Uee unnie how I could be more sexy and she told me to think raunchy thoughts. So, I started watching a lot of adult videos.” – After School’s Lizzy confessed she used to watch a lot of adult movies to study sexy expressions on stage. Uee explained, however, she meant for her to watch Beyonce’s videos or others where artists make sexy expressions.
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