Pippa Middleton Book About Party Planning

Pippa Middleton Book About Party Planning, The Middleton sisters have patched up after a brief thaw in their relations, with the Duchess of Cambridge now doling out tips to her sister Pippa MiddletonPippa Middleton on how to work in United States, ahead of the launch of the latter’s party-planning book ‘Celebrate.’

The 28-year-old reportedly upset the royals and Catherine by hitting headlines regularly with her partying, love life and the infamous ‘gun incident’ in Paris earlier this year, where she was pictured seated next to a friend flashing a gun as they drove through Paris streets in April.

However, Kate and Pippa have now reconciled their differences after a heart-to-heart two weeks ago over the party planner’s conduct, say royal sources. After sorting out the matter the duo are now said to be on better terms.

Now Magazine reports it was Princes William and Harry who initiated the meeting, where Pippa agreed to curb her loud behavior. “She’s back in the Royal fold after reaching a pact with her sister …She’s acknowledged she put Kate in a difficult position and has agreed to abide by some rules,” claimed a source.

Pippa Middleton is also said to have agreed to allow Palace officials to guide and “advise” her on future boyfriends. This was especially so after she infuriated the royals by dressing as a burlesque dancer, freaking out at French aristocrat Arthur de Soultrait’s themed birthday party, earlier this year.

Proof of the improved relations between Kate and Pippa was evident when they were pictured at the Wimbledon tennis final together, earlier this month. This is the first time in months that they have been seen in public together. Meanwhile, the rekindling of Pippa’s romance with up-market banker Alex Loudon is also great news for the royals.

With things quite hunky dory between the Middleton siblings, they are now said to be closer than ever before. Despite the hiccups in their relations, Kate and Pippa share an indissoluble bond, say insiders. There is very little that can totally break this bond between the stylish sisters. Whatever life throws at the pair, Pippa continues to be Kate MiddletonKate Middleton’s closest confidante and vice-versa

Naturally, now Kate Middleton wants to do whatever she can to aid Pippa upgrade her image. A source close to the Duchess told LOOK magazine: ”Kate clearly wanted to show that Pippa is truly back in the royal fold…. The pair have been spending more time together and Kate’s even been giving her some tips for her promo tour around the USA when she launches her party planning book there in October.”
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