How the Snake Burgers are Made

That's what happens if you mix eastern and western cuisine. Hamburgers from the snakes, and more specifically from the snakes, are very popular in Indonesia. It is unlikely that I would dare to eat

Artist uses 200,000 Ants Create Unique Paintings

Painter Chris Trueman, from Claremont, California, has created a unique painting by using 200,000 dead ants instead of paint.
The painting Chris calls “Self Portrait With a Gun” actually features his younger brother, dressed as a cowboy, holding his dad’s rifle. From afar this unusual artwork looks more like an old yellowed photo, but as you approach it, you realize it’s actually something completely different – a painting made of ants.
To the artist, this bizarre ant painting represents how humans learn about things abstractly, only to have their impressions changed as they get closer to them. But actually completing his masterpiece wasn’t the simplest task, mostly because he hated killing the creatures he perceives to be ” right on the line of what I consider intelligent life.” When he first began the project, he decided to catch the ants himself, but the ants in San Francisco, where he was living at the time, were too small. So he decided to order them online, from a guy who was breeding and selling them as food for lizards.

First he ordered just 1,000 ants, because he didn’t know how many he would need for the right density, but then he started ordering 40,000. They came in peanut-butter jars, and seeing them moving around in there, it was hard for Chris to make a decision. He couldn’t release them, because they weren’t native to that area, and they could start biting people. So he decided to kill the ants himself. It wasn’t easy, and he even took a 1-year-break, but decided to complete his ant masterpiece, because he didn’t want the first batch to have died in vain.
Some of the ants dried up and were torn to pieces, so Chris Trueman used them in the large parts of the painting, where details weren’t important, saving the full-sized ants for the detailed parts. he would handle them with tweezers, placing them on the Plexiglass canvas and coat them in a painting resin called galkyd.
Chris Trueman‘s ant painting is on display, at an art gallery in San Diego, and is priced at $35,000.

New Motorola FlipOut

Motorola officially announced the Youth guglofon with an unusual form factor and user interface MotoBlur integrated access to social networks Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and full support services Google. Motorola FlipOut - a very compact device. Its size at just 67 x 67 x 17. The upper part of the device with a touch screen (2.8 inches with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels) rotates around one of the corners, opening the QWERTY keyboard. FlipOut managed
OS Android 2.1, equipped with Wi-Fi module and A-GPS, electronic compass, 3.5mm jack for headphones, camera, 3 megapixel technology to support Kodak Perfect Touch, noise-canceling CrystalTalk PLUS, 512MB of internal memory and a memory card to 2GB kit. The device operates in quad-band GSM / EDGE and liaises third generation - HSPA 3G. About the price of the gadget so far nothing is known. More images after the break...

The Huge Monster is Sold at Auction for Almost 1 million

Interesting lot at auction. This mixture of automobile parts of all types and sizes of the two welded Mercedes-Benz 300TD 1980.Asking price, even more ridiculous than the "looks like the machine" - a little less than a million dollars - $ 950,000, or approximately € 770 thousand euros.
10-seat lounge, 29 feet in length (or about 8.9 meters) and 3402 pounds. This monster is made up of parts from more than 40 cars, including 86 lights and 36 mirrors.

The seller notes that the car won first place twice in Houston, Texas in the car festival, as well as his two-time winner of the Prix People's Choice "in Florida.

Abandoned Russian Car factory

Russia's AZLK Car Factory was built in 1930's. After the end of Soviet era most of its facilities were abandoned.
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