Tanning Mom Used To Be A Model

Tanning Mom Used To Be A Model, Tan Mom, the 44-year-old who became a Z-list celebrity overnight after trying to take her five-year-old daughter to a tanning salon, has given up sunbaking for good. Challenged by In Touch magazine, Patricia Krentcil surrendered her solarium pass for 30 days. She was ordered to stay out of the sun (both real and artificial), and while she admits she cheated a little bit (she used a self-tanning product), the challenge changed her life.

“I feel weird and pale,” she told the mag. “But everyone says I look so much better less tan.”

She used to tan four to five times a week, but after taking the challenge, Patricia said she was done with tanning … for now.

“Nothing is forever. I might squeeze a tan in here or there. I wish none of this had ever happened; it was blown out of proportion,” she said. “And that’s the other thing — I am sick of talking about tanning!”
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