Burger King Employee Stomps On Lettuce Identified By Gps

Burger King Employee Stomps On Lettuce Identified By Gps, An Ohio Burger King employee who posted a photo of himself stomping on bins of lettuce served to customers was tracked down by the users of popular online image board 4chan. Hypervocal reports that the unnamed employee was careless when he posted the photo of himself stepping in two bins of lettuce destined for customers’ burgers and salads. He didn’t bother to remove the embedded GPS data from the images, and it took livid 4chan users less than 15 minutes to identify the location of the Mayfield Heights Burger King where the man worked.

While 4chan has something of a nefarious reputation as a haven for malicious hackers and other ne’er-do-wells– one user infamously hacked Sarah Palin’s email account during the ’08 presidential campaign – apparently there’s a code of honor in place that draws the line at messing with people’s food. After 4chan users identified the location of the Burger King in question, calls were placed to the restaurant’s manager and local media.
According to Cleveland Scene Magazine, morning shift manager Andrea vowed that “whoever this is is getting fired.”

“Whoever the manager was at the time will be fired, too,” she added. After seeing the photo, Andrea immediately recognized the offending employee. The incident comes just weeks after an unnamed McDonald’s worker revealed inside secrets about the dark side of the Golden Arches. Drug dealing, serving stale food and crazy customers were fairly common, but never, ever did employees mess with customers’ food.
That, said the employee, “would be the biggest dick move ever.”
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