Kanye West Shoes

Kanye West Shoes, So those of you who thought Kanye West was too busy being Kim Kardashian’s stylist to continue working on his fashion line better think again. Hot on the heels of a rumor that Kanye may be working on a menswear collection comes news that he hasn’t abandoned womenswear quite yet. According to our very well-informed little birdie, Kanye will be showing his third women’s ready to wear collection in Paris in October.

After receiving lukewarm reviews–at best–for his last collection, we sort of thought maybe he’d give it up. But the man is nothing if not tenacious and we have to applaud his dedication if this is true. Kanye obviously loves the industry and he has no shortage of well-placed and talented fashion friends to help him along.

He’s famously tight with Riccardo Tisci and has had an ongoing relationship with stylist Christine Centenera, so maybe he will finally get his footing. I mean, his last reviews were a LITTLE bit better than those of his first collection–the NYT‘s Eric Wilson wrote in his review at the time: “In an effort to be extra fair, I will say I liked an oversize cream sweatshirt with zippers running up the sleeves.”

And we liked his shoes. So that’s something. Speaking of which, girlfriend Kim Kardashian may be trying to help drum up some enthusiasm for a third Kanye Kollection, by tweeting a picture of herself wearing his boots.
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