B12 And Canker Sores

B12 And Canker Sores
B12 And Canker Sores, What causes canker sores?: Does a Lack of Vitamin B12 Cause Canker Sores?; Painful canker sores are often blamed on sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) by marketers of natural or organic toothpastes; in reality, vitamin B12 deficiencies are an identified cause of a painful tongue canker, canker sore, oral ulcer or other throbbing mouth sores.

Warren Sapp Bankruptcy

Warren Sapp Bankruptcy, Warren Sapp says a bad construction deal at the worst possible time sent him spiraling into debt that led him to file for bankruptcy last week.

Petoskey Batman Charged

Petoskey Batman Charged, Batman aka Mark Wayne Williams was charged with resisting and obstructing police in Petoskey, Michigan over the weekend. Batman dressed resident Mark Wayne Williams told police Saturday that he could solve a crime better than a police dog. But police disagreed.

Michael Vick 30 million

Michael Vick 30 million, Michael Vick has blown almost $30 million in the last four years, since he filed for bankruptcy back in 2008. The NFL comeback player is reportedly paying millions of dollars in debts despite being back in the sport playing for the Philadelphia Eagles.
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