The Man Lizard

21 years old a guy from India is called a Man Lizard

Tamkrabok monastery in Saraburi Thailand

Tamkrabok monastery in Saraburi (Thailand) - the most famous world center for treatment and rehabilitation of patients with drug dependence. The first five days of drug addicts are given medicines that contribute to the rapid detoxification. Cooking secrets of the monks did not disclose. The so-called process of purification takes place in public to the applause of novices and the other patients. Addicts remain in the monastery for at least a week, then take a vow. Maximum stay in Tamkraboke - one a month. Watch it!

Sculptures Of Paramodel

Sculptures Of Paramodel 

Paramodel - art duo from Osaka, who works in the genres of sculpture, installation, painting and photography. Sculptures from the series "Tomica" consist of a toy truck, carrying in the back of Japanese food. Price - $ 270 per figure.

Terrible Estimation on the Olympic Games

It is difficult to judge that, for what reason the athletes thus dressed up. However, this does not diminish that fact that their exterior view causes if not the laughter, then at least. In essence differed, figure skaters, skiers and also participants in the composite in sleigh sport. It is however strange, but differed the possessor of gold medal - Russian skier Nikita, after dressing immediately two pairs of solar glasses.

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