Steve Carell The Daily Show And Too Cruel

Steve Carell The Daily Show And Too Cruel, Steve Carell is giving Tom Hanks a run for his reputation as the nicest guy in Hollywood. You might not know this, but the comedic actor got his start as a correspondent for The Daily Show, so we’d expect him to be nothing but grateful when asked about his experience there. Turns out, he’s not — or he at least has a hard time showing it.

In a recent interview, Carell complained about something that bothered him while working on Jon Stewart’s satirical newscast. Although the ridiculous interviews with people of varying degrees of cray cray are the best part of the show, Carell says they could be “just cruel.”

The Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World star explained:

“It’s one thing poking fun at people who deserve it, but there was that flip side of shooting fish in a barrel. It’s just cruel.”

Cruel or not, he was SO GOOD at “shooting fish in a barrel”!

Still, we’re a little shocked to hear the easygoing actor being so blunt about the show that gave him his big break.
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