Kris Humphries Beat Michael Phelps

Kris Humphries Beat Michael Phelps, If you think Michael Phelps’ 19 Olympic medals is impressive, wait till you hear who could’ve held that prestigious distinction. tweeted Tuesday to remind the world that, once upon a time, Nets forward and one-time Kardashian, Kris Humphries may have been a better swimmer than Phelps.

As Humphries pointed out during an interview with People magazine, at age 10 he outswam Phelps and was considered the top swimmer in the nation.

After that, he said, he got burnt out. Also, as a child who came of age in the Michael Jordan era, Humphries was naturally drawn to basketball. It didn’t hurt that he grew to be 6-foot-9.

In fact, maybe it was the Humphries-Phelps rivalry that spurred Phelps to greatness.

On second thought, probably not.
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