The Most Adorable Photo Of The Olympics

The Most Adorable Photo Of The Olympics, Missy Franklin and Ryan Lochte have made history lately, and this pic is one for the ages. Ryan Lochte, Missy Franklin, and the most adorable photo ever, America’s two swimming sweethearts are shown in this photo, posted to Twitter, sharing a friendly embrace before they set out to make more history on Thursday night at London’s Aquatic Centre.

Pollsters are so boring. Instead of spending all summer asking people who they’re going to vote for in November — and then convincing us that a bunch of people change their mind every day — they should ask stuff like this:

What’s your first reaction when you see this photo? Our estimated results:

92 percent say it is adorable, precious, delightful or, in the parlance of the UK, bonny

51 percent are thinking “get your mitts off my man/lady”

37 percent are wishing Speedos were still the uniform de rigueur in swimming

20 percent remembered reading this amusing Pat Forde story about Lochte being “eye candy” and are all, “yup”

.05 percent say, “it’s nice, I guess, but it’s not Dutch field hockey team nice”
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