Man Sues Over Condom In French Onion Soup

Man Sues Over Condom In French Onion Soup, Prepare yourself for this sentence: Zdenek Philip Hodouse is suing an Orange County, Calif., restaurant over a prophylactic he found in his French onion soup. According to a lawsuit filed on Wednesday, Hodousek was eating an Easter meal with his family at a restaurant called Claim Jumper when he noticed a foreign object in his soup.

“Suddenly he felt what he believed was tough cheese on one side of his mouth,” the suit claims. “When he could not chew it into pieces, (Hodousek) commented to his family that it felt like rubber. He spit it out, spooned it onto a napkin, at which time his wife said, “Oh my God, it’s a condom.’”

A manager at the restaurant confirmed that it was indeed a condom and didn’t charge the family for the meal. Hodousek says he threw up twice and, fearing disease, took the condom with him to have it tested.

An independent lab turned up female DNA — which, when you think about it, is far better than other types of DNA that could be found on a condom — but the restaurant conducted its own internal investigation and found “there was no wrongdoing by any employee.”

Despite the negative attention brought on by the lawsuit, Planned Parenthood has come forward to point out that using condoms is still the safest way to have sex with a bowl of soup.
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