Celebrities with skin problems

Celebrities with skin problems
Celebrities with skin problems, It's an awful way to start the day: You look in the mirror and see that a pesky blemish or an awful skin condition has reared its ugly head overnight. While us ordinary folks get to hide our flaws under concealer and strategically placed clothing, celebs' unsightly problems have been caught on camera. Brace yourself as we take a look at stars with bad skin …

Whether you love her or loathe her, there's no denying that Kim Kardashian is stunning. But behind all of her bountiful beauty, the reality-TV princess suffers from an annoying skin condition that leaves spots on her legs. kim kardashian and kanye west avoid naming their daughter with a K,

It's no secret that Cameron Diaz is plagued with bad skin. But how bad is it really. cameron diaz robert pattinson,

On the red carpet, Katy Perry's skin looks flawless! But under her makeup and the bright lights hides the pop superstar's troublesome skin problems. katy perry proactiv, katy perry john mayer,

Jessica Simpson has been quite candid about her breakouts, so much so that she was once the face of Proactiv. jessica simpson steps out after giving birth to son Ace Knute,

Acne, rosacea, rashes, oh my! But which one does Mariah Carey reportedly suffer from? mariah carey rosacea, mariah carey lip syncing at the BET awards?,

Britney Spears has made her climb back to the top. And as hard as it may have been to achieve her superstar status once again, it looks like her feet took the brunt of it all.

Once thing is for certain: Skin problems aren't posh. Just ask Victoria Beckham, who must be very unhappy about her blemishes.

There was a time when Miley Cyrus wasn't so "Smiley" over her complexion. Just take a look at photos from her adolescent years.

Just because he's a member of one of the hottest boy bands to date, it doesn't mean that Harry Styles is free from all the things that come along from being a teenager. Bad skin included. harry styles dating,

AnnaLynne McCord isn't ashamed of her bad skin. She even posted a pic of herself au naturel via Twitter and proclaimed: "I woke up this morning and decided I'm over Hollywood's perfection requirement. To all my girls (and boys) who have ever been embarrassed by their skin! I salute you! I'm not perfect -- and that's okay with me!" You go, girl. annalynne mccord dominic purcell,

During her 30s, Cynthia Nixon developed a skin condition that "16 million people have," she told Fitness Magazine. After discovering that she was affected by this irritating skin condition, she went on to raise awareness about it. cynthia nixon rosacea,

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