Kristen Stewart Paparazzo Blasts in L.A.

Kristen Stewart Paparazzo Blasts in L.A
Kristen Stewart Paparazzo Blasts in L.A.  She may look sleepy and timid most of the time, but vampire-actress Kristen Stewart showed that she can only be pushed so far when she tore into an irritating paparazzo.

TMZ has video of the "Twilight" and "On the Road" star standing behind a gate outside a Los Angeles building Monday, apparently waiting for a car. When the video begins, she is already clearly irritated with the prying paparazzo and using profanity against him as he goads her on about ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson.

She directs some strong language at him before saying, "You don't deserve to breathe the same air I do."

Ouch. Shutterbugs, take note. Don't mess with K-Stew.
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