Amy Adams Worked at Hooters

Amy Adams Worked at Hooters
Amy Adams Worked at Hooters, It never ceases to amaze me the people that think my Hooters girls couldn’t possibly be talented and amazing servers simply because they are hot. So in their honor and in a loosely veiled attempt to promote Bingo at Hooters on Wolf Road every Tuesday night, here’s a list of celebrities that once worked under the “Orange Roof”.

First up, look above at the beautiful and talented Amy Adams. Her acting and sing in “Enchanted” is second to none. Former Hooters girl!

If you’ve ever watched Fox Sports you’ve probably caught Leanne Tweeden. She is beautiful, well spoken and knows her sports.

Hey “Glee” fans guess which member of the Gleeks used to wear the orange shorts?

Naya Rivera!

The last girl on my list is far from the biggest name but she always entertained me. Former “Survivor” villain Jerri Manthey.
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