Celebrity First Jobs

Celebrity First Jobs
Celebrity First Jobs, Whether it was flipping burgers, washing dishes or waiting tables, everyone remembers their first job and these famous folks are no different. Elisabeth Hasselbeck, former co-host on "The View" is off to try something new. but let’s take a look back at her and other well-known actors, musicians, politicians and others to see where they first worked. Whose job was the worst?

Amy Adams
Like many aspiring actresses, Amy Adams worked as a waitress before she hit it big. However, the particular restaurant chain, known for its attractive female staff, where the "Junebug" actress waited tables as a teen might surprise you. amy adams first role leslie miller drop dead gorgeous, Amy Adams worked at Hooters, amy adams wasn't cut out to be a Hooters waitress,

Before she was a multiple Grammy Award winner Beyoncé worked for the family business. The "Bow Down/I Been On" singer assisted her mother at the family's hair salon. Beyoncé swept hair at mother's hair salon, fashion label house of dereon,

Orlando Bloom
"The Hobbit" star Orlando Bloom had an unusual first job while growing up in the United Kingdom. The then-teenager worked at a shooting range, although perhaps not the kind you’re thinking of. Orlando Bloom was a clay trapper at pigeon shooting range,

Gerard Butler
Actor and producer Gerard Butler was a brainy kid who studied a difficult topic at Glasgow University in Scotland. Butler went on to further training in the field but was fired one week before he was fully qualified. Gerard Butler was a trainee lawyer, Gerard Butler fired from trainee job because of partying,

Hillary Clinton
Former US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton may have learned some of her leadership skills, for both in the office and at home, through her first job. The politician and mother of one did this job after school and while on school vacation. Hillary Clinton first job was babysitting, Hillary Clinton writing memoir due out in 2014, Hillary Clinton favorite to run for president in 2016,

Sean Connery

Former "Bond" star Sean Connery once had quite a grim job working in a cemetery. The Academy Award winner's pre-acting résumé also includes this delivery service, a job quite a bit different from his days working in the graveyard. Sean Connery was a gravedigger,

Ellen DeGeneres
Comedian-turned-talk-show-host Ellen DeGeneres used to work at a popular department store in her Louisiana hometown in the 1970s. The "Finding Dory" voice actor returned to her old job 25 years later for a segment on her show. ellen degeneres first job jcpenney, Ellen DeGeneres now a spokesperson for J.C. Penney,

Michael Dell
Computer mogul Michael Dell got his first job at a Chinese restaurant at quite a young age. His pay was low but he said he learned a lot from the restaurant owner. Michael Dell first job was a dishwasher, michael dell first job restaurant age 12, Michael Dell got first computer at the age 15,

Jamie Dimon
Businessman Jamie Dimon was his own boss at a very early age. The Harvard grad reportedly set up his own business years before he became a bigwig in business. jamie dimon first business venture selling greeting cards, Jamie Dimon named CEO of the year in 2011,

Walt Disney
Legendary animator Walt Disney got his first job when he was 15. The news-related position had him working in sales while on trains between these two Midwestern cities. Walt Disney was a news butcher, Walt Disney was the original voice of Mickey Mouse,

Harrison Ford
Hollywood legend Harrison Ford got several small acting roles in the late 1960s, but they weren't enough to pay the bills, so the future "Star Wars" actor taught himself a hands-on construction trade. He worked as a skilled tradesmen in the field for years, before finally landing this supporting role. Harrison Ford worked as a carpenter, harrison ford taught himself carpentry library books,

Megan Fox
Actress and new mom Megan Fox didn't have a glamorous first job. The "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" star mostly worked the register at the beverage joint but occasionally had to dress up as a banana! Megan Fox first job at smoothie cafe, brian austin green megan fox 13 year age difference,

Whoopi Goldberg
Award-winning actress and "The View" co-host Whoopi Goldberg had an eerie job at a mortuary before she hit it big. The unusual job may have given her inspiration to play the role that won her an Oscar in a film co-starring the late Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. Whoopi Goldberg applied makeup to corpses, Whoopi Goldberg took job in mortuary because she was a trained beautician,

Elisabeth Hasselbeck
Talk show host Elisabeth Hasselbeck who has left "The View" to host a new show worked at this major shoe retailer in the late '90s. The former "Survivor" competitor worked for the company during and after college. Elisabeth Hasselbeck was a shoe designer for Puma,

Hugh Jackman
Aussie actor Hugh Jackman no doubt put smiles on kids' faces with his first job. The "X-Men" star went by the name "Coco" and attempted to do magic tricks for his young audiences. Hugh Jackman was a clown, Hugh Jackman made $50 per party when he was a clown,

Edgerrin James
Former professional football player Edgerrin James must have beefed up his biceps with his summer job as a youngster. The longtime Indianapolis Colts star  reportedly worked 16-hour days loading a particular type of fruit into trucks. Edgerrin James loaded watermelons into a truck, Edgerrin James ended career with Seattle Seahawks,

Ken Jeong
"The Hangover" star Ken Jeong must have made his patients laugh at his first job. The obviously brainy actor donned a white coat and a stethoscope for his first profession and worked at a Louisiana hospital while working on his comedy routines. ken jeong used to be a medical doctor, ken jeong plays ben chang on community,

Stephen King
Renowned author Stephen King reportedly worked a number of odd jobs to pay for his college years one of which involved cleaning massive amounts of clothes and linens. Stephen King worked in an industrial laundry,

Jason Lee
Actor Jason Lee was a professional athlete before he got his big break in this 1995 cult hit. The former "My Name Is Earl" star even showed off his skills in a video game with this major name in the field. Jason Lee was a professional skateboarder,

Joel and Benji Madden
Band members and identical twin brothers Joel and Benji Madden helped salongoers scrub up well in their first job. The stylish bros may have picked up some tips there for their future business ventures. joel benji madden work as shampoo boys in a salon,

Joel McHale
Fore! Comedian, television host and actor Joel McHale spent a lot of time on the golf course in his first job. What was one of his first television roles? Joel McHale played Ian on Will & Grace, Joel McHale first job was a caddie,

President Barack Obama
President Barack Obama dealt with Rocky Road, Cherries Jubilee and Pralines 'n Cream in his first job. The 44th US president grew up in Hawaii's capital and had his first job there before moving to Los Angeles to go to college. Barack Obama first job at Baskin Robbins, President Obama and Michelle had first kiss over Baskin Robbins ice cream,

Brad Pitt
Hollywood heartthrob Brad Pitt worked for a restaurant on Sunset Boulevard in his first job but didn't go the typical aspiring-actor-turned-waiter route. Instead, the Golden Globe winner dressed up in costume and tried to attract customers to the chicken joint. Brad Pitt first job was dancing in a chicken suit,

Colin Powell
When politician Colin Powell was in his teens, he got a job at a local store and even learned various words in this language from the store's owners and customers. Colin Powell worked in baby furniture store, New Jersey school named after Colin Powell in 2012,

Rachael Ray
Celebrity chef and talk show host Rachael Ray's first job didn’t exactly promote healthy eating but it was in the food sector. The "My Year in Meals" author got the department store job when she first moved to New York City. Rachael Ray managed the fresh foods department, Rachael Ray moved to New York City in 1995, Rachael Ray job at candy counter at Macy's,

Keith Richards
Rolling Stones rocker Keith Richards' first job could have led to his becoming the next Andre Agassi or Roger Federer. The talented guitarist's job as a teenager was reportedly at a tennis club.  keith richards worked ball boy at tennis club,

George Steinbrenner
George Steinbrenner the late New York Yankees owner had his first job as a preteen living in Ohio. "The Boss" had his own father to call boss and his siblings as his coworkers in this farmesque family business. George Steinbrenner first job was raising chickens, George Steinbrenner sold the chicken's eggs and the chickens, George Steinbrenner made a few dollars each week raising chicken,

Martha Stewart
Business mogul Martha Stewart’s first job outside of modeling is ironic considering the scandal she was caught up in a few years back. The New Jersey native worked on Wall Street for over five years starting in 1967. Martha Stewart was a stockbroker,

Quentin Tarantino

Award-winning film director Quentin Tarantino's first job was at a movie theater, but it wasn’t the type of theater his films are shown in today. The "Kill Bill" writer/director got the slightly scandalous gig after he dropped out of high school. Quentin Tarantino was an usher at an adult film theater,

Christopher Walken
Hollywood legend Christopher Walken had a somewhat dangerous first job when he was a teen. The Academy Award winner worked with a furry four-legged friend in a circus. Christopher Walken was a lion tamer, Christopher Walken said the lion was more like a dog,

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