Country Star Scandal

Country Star Scandal
Country Star Scandal, thletes and Hollywood types aren't the only ones who find themselves tangled up in salacious scandals. Country stars have also amassed a pile of dirty laundry of their own, making for some serious tabloid fodder. From affairs to drug possession, click through to get the deets on country music's biggest scandals.

While their affair ended in marriage in 2011, LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian caused a lot of heartbreak in the process. LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian fell in love on set of "Northern Lights", LeAnn Rimes opens up about cheating scandal, Brandi Glanville feud with LeAnn Rimes,

Did the infamous kiss shared between Jason Aldean and "American Idol" alum Brittany Kerr play a role in his divorce from Jessica Ussery in 2013? Possibly. Jason Aldean responds to kissing Brittany Kerr, Jason Aldean and Jessica Ussery divorce,

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert both admitted that they each felt more than just butterflies when they were paired up at CMT’s 100 Greatest Duets Concert in 2005. But there was one problem: Blake was already a married man. Blake Shelton and Kaynette Williams divorce one-year after meeting Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton lets Miranda dig through his phone, Miranda Lambert flirts with Eric Church,

Considering how well Keith Urban is doing nowadays, it's easy to forget that the country crooner struggled with addiction for years -- even after marrying Nicole Kidman in 2006. Keith Urban checks into Betty Ford Center on Oct. 19, 2006 for alcohol abuse, Keith Urban checked into Nashville's Cumberland Heights treatment center with a cocaine problem in 1998,

In 2012, Randy Travis found himself wrapped up in three different scandals. Yep, three different scandals. Guess he needs to find his inspiration for his next big hit from somewhere. randy travis arrested at North Texas Church in February 2012, randy travis arrested in texas on August 7, randy travis cited for simple assault in Texas,

Before taking her life in February 2013, Mindy McCready found herself in and out of the headlines for years. Sadly towards the end, the news was usually scandalous. did mindy mccready kill her boyfriend, mindy mccready arrested for a dui 2005, William Mcknight allegedly choked and beaten her,

Fiona Apple wasn't the only crooner who got busted for drug possession at the tightly patrolled checkpoint in Sierra Blanca, Texas. Willie Nelson got smoked too. Willie Nelson arrested in Sierra Blanca, TX,

There's no doubt about it -- the Judds have had a whole lot of scandal in their family. But in the mid-2000s, it wasn't Ashley or Naomi who found themselves in the news. Surprisingly it was Wynonna's ex-husband D.R. Roach, who was arrested for the unthinkable. wynonna judd's ex husband d. r. roach sexual assualt, wynonna judd's husband loses leg, Wynonna Judd teaching assistant arrested on child porn charges,

Remember when Shania Twain sort of swapped spouses with her ex-husband's mistress? You know, the one who was somewhat, allegedly responsible for her split with Robert "Mutt" Lange. Ring a bell? shania twain country spouse swap, shania twain on Oprah "back from betrayal",

His music is loved by many, but that doesn't mean there's a shortage of scandal when it comes down to Johnny Cash's personal life.  johnny cash arrested for picking flowers, johnny cash Betty Ford Center rehab 1983,

When Renee Zellweger filed "fraud" as reason to annul her marriage to Kenny Chesney, some speculated that it implied something about his sexual orientation. Kenny Chesney divorce from Renee Zellweger cited as fraud,

Natalie Maines may have found fame as the Dixie Chicks frontwoman. But it was a few choice words that she said about President George W. Bush in 2003 that landed her in the headlines and caused radio stations to boycott the group's songs. Natalie Maines "ashamed the president of the United States is from Texas", Natalie Maines doesn't listen to country music,

Believe it or not, Kenny Rogers was involved in a sex scandal. But not the sex-tape kind or the Fred Willard sort -- instead it involved a handset and a phone provider. Kenny Rogers phone sex scandal, Kenny Rogers opens up about plastic surgery, Age is but a number, right?! Then why is everyone freakin' out about Loretta Lynn's birth certificate. Loretta Lynn Age birth certificate, Loretta Lynn married at 13,

What do a mask and a Steak 'n Shake restaurant have in common? Jake Owen's scandalous arrest that is -- which he also detailed on Twitter. Get the Tweets, er, deets below. jake owen arrested for wearing a mask,

Divorces are hard as it is. But when you add scandal to the mix, it makes the process oh so much worse. Just ask Sara Evans, who was involved in a nasty divorce with her ex Craig Schleske. It was all kinds of cray, cray. Sara Evans accused ex-husband of adultery, pornography, cheating, sara evans attorney releases craig schelske an apology letter, Sara Evans accused of having an affair,

Back in 2011, Rodney Atkins's ex-wife Tammy Jo accused him of doing bad things -- which ultimately led to the dissolution of their marriage. rodney atkins assault charges by wife who accused of being smothered with a pillow, rodney atkins divorcing wife after assault charges filed, rodney atkins engaged,
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