Kourtney Kardashian’s Diamond Stud Earrings Push Present

Kourtney Kardashian’s Diamond Stud Earrings Push Present 
Kourtney Kardashian’s Diamond Stud Earrings Push Present, Kourtney Kardashian’s Diamond Stud Earrings Push Present, Back in July, reality stars Kourtney Kardashian and her boyfriend, Scott Disick, rounded up the K clan — mom Kris Jenner, sisters Kim, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie — and brother Rob, to head to the hospital for the arrival of Penelope Scotland.

After a short labor, the little girl, weighing in at 7-pounds, 14-ounces, joined big brother Mason, 2, as the newest member of the family. The parents spoke with Us Weekly in July about the birth, and last night, fans watched Kourtney pull baby Penelope out — on national television.
Keeping Up with the Kardashians viewers may recall Kourtney, 33, assisting the doc during Mason’s birth, reaching down and actually pulling the boy out from between her legs. This time, Kourtney told Us, it was the same deal. “She was coming out, and I was thinking, I should pull her!” she said. “With Mason, I had no idea I was going to do that. This time, I thought, this is what I’m supposed to do.” “Our doctor has grown fond of that maneuver, and we’re fond of it, too” Scott, 29, told the magazine. “I guess when you start seeing your kid, why wouldn’t you pull her out?” While it may not be a common technique — we will say that photo is pretty amazing.

Here are four other things you may not know about baby Penelope’s big entrance into the world:

1. The baby’s name is just a name. Kourtney tells the magazine Penelope doesn’t carry any special meaning — she and Scott just really liked it. Kourtney has, however given her girl the nickname of Nelly. As for the middle name, Us reports Kourtney’s maternal grandmother offered up Scotland in honor of her heritage and, of course, husband.

2. She basically had a drive-by delivery: “We didn’t stay overnight in the hospital,” Kourtney tells Us. “I was only in the hospital for about three hours total.” Sheesh. It took us that long just to get checked into our room.

3. Mama got a blinged-out push present: The magazine reports Kourtney received diamond stud earrings from Scott. “I’ve wanted them for so long,” she says. Hold the phone. Kourtney Kardashian didn’t already own diamond stud earrings? Perhaps she was just waiting for a pair visible from the Mars rover.

4. The baby’s wardrobe is better than yours: Penelope certainly will not be accused of being an unstylish baby. According to Us, Kourtney bought her daughter a $112 Stella McCartney dress, auntie Kim gifted a $515 Gucci Zoo handbag (all infants need purses, right?) and Grandma Kris shelled out $390 for Lanvin ballerina flats. Oh, baby.
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