Good Samaritans June 2011

Good Samaritans June 2011
Good Samaritans June 2011. What would you do if you witnessed a robbery or a car accident? This June, many ordinary people performed extraordinary acts of bravery and kindness when confronted with a crisis.

Good Samaritans stop rape
Randy Handley and Damien White came to the rescue of a woman who was attacked and sexually assaulted while taking a walk with her child on Daytona Beach. The men scared the suspect, who was later arrested, away.
Good Samaritan pays for woman's groceries
After the theft of Judy Crumet's wallet, an anonymous woman paid cash for her bill. Employees tracked down the suspect and led police to make the arrest. Crumet was so touched by the selfless act that she donated the amount of her grocery bill to a charity
Good Samaritan aids trucker
Mark Thibert's tractor trailer hit a parked flatbed truck, jack-knifed and caught on fire in Van Buren County, Michigan. Thibert escaped the rig and ran across the freeway while on fire. Michael Widmark tackled the man, put out the fire and kept him alert while waiting for rescue crews.
Good Samaritan returns bag
While at an ATM, Robert Adams noticed a plastic bag with cash inside. He returned the bag to a major armored truck company without asking for a reward.
Good Samaritan Houston shooting June 2011
Part-time employee Jeff Williams, who is also a regular customer, was shot while attempting to stop a robbery at a Houston convenience store. He is expected to fully recover from his wound, but the robbers were able to get away.
Good Samaritan apprehends carjacker
Two men in this southeastern state helped police apprehend a man who carjacked a truck with a baby inside.
Good Samaritan helps homeowner after vandalism
Brent Williams, who had recently lost his job, received a generous surprise after his home was damaged when someone set his American flag on fire. The fire spread to the siding on his North Carolina home. A contractor saw the story and took action at his own expense.
Autistic child found wandering
A boy, afflicted with a developmental problem, was found wandering along a Phoenix highway off-ramp, but a passerby who phoned police was able to get him safely back to his parents.
Good Samaritans help capture car thief
Joseph Schlegeo and Jason Perdue saw a man chasing a teenager who had recently stolen his car and joined in to help catch the thief. The man's car had been stolen a month before, but the owner recognized his car and tried to follow the teenager who was apprehended and arrested.
Parakeets replaced by Good Samaritan
After hearing that someone maliciously poisoned 8-year-old Adrian Torres' pet parakeets, wildlife rescuer Michael Orchin arranged to meet the boy at a Fort Myers pet store where he bought the boy new birds.

Source: msn
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