Meaning of Names

Meaning of Names
Meaning of names. The meaning of names is the focus of this site but unlike other sites we are not exclusively focused on baby boy names, girl names, cute nicknames or pet names. In fact, we may go old school one of these days and put up a page on Name That Tune and the meanings behind the song choices. But, I digress.

In fact, this whole site is one big digression. You see there are a ton of meaning of names sites on the web for new parents who want to pick perfect moniker for their newborn baby or unborn child. But, what a bunch of crap this is, quite frankly (not really as we do that here as well). But, we also have the meanings of adult names as well.

In fact to be frank and earnest with you, surely this is a humor site that mocks those other websites (and we are self-mocking as well). The meaning of names found here are made up out of thin air and mostly pulled out of my overly large white behind quarters.

While the other sites may have baby this and baby that focusing on etymology and genealogy I take great lengths to parody, make fun of and just give my funny interpretation to the alphabetical meaning of names found here. Yours will surely be a funny clunker as well.

Now, what you will also notice here that there are many meanings of names that have nothing to do with babies at all. Nada. Nill, No way, no how Jose. For instance, how many of those so called hoity toity other baby names websites have pages devoted to cat names, dog names, racehorse names, the names of famous volcanoes, liquor names, mobster names, names of witches, pirate names and other such categories that are more for adults?

There are none, I tell you! The main gist of this website is being funny and injecting humor into the all too serious subject of meaning of names. Sure, people are interested in their own identities and where they come from and how the OctoMom came up with her choices in newborn names.

But, like a caricature artist at a carnival or boardwalk, we aim to give the funny meaning of names to the passersby who stumbles upon this website. If you want a true portrait artist to capture your essence, then go elsewhere (or St. Elsewhere - there I'm going old school again).

But, if you want a little fun, a touch of humor and a speck of funny insight, then check out what we have to offer. You may even find yourself chuckling a bit at the funny meaning of names that we have come up with and if you do so, then your embarrassment is completely private. And, I won't tell a soul, I promise. So, have fun, enjoy and email your adult friends (baby friends, too) about where you found us. We'll still be here.

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