Rihanna trips falls on stage

Rihanna trips falls on stage
Rihanna trips falls on stage. Rihanna falls on stage during a concert in France. Yes you read it right the singer took a tumble the other night and I have the video to prove it. I also have all the details on what happened plus some great pictures of RiRi.

Oh what a sight it must have been to see singer Rihanna fall on stage during her concert in Marseille, France. While belting out the song Let Me the singer took a tumble but she kept going like the pro she is. Interestingly enough before the now infamous tumble there was a sound that literally sounded like a gun shot. Yeah so it goes gunshot then RiRi appears to either trip over something or just stumbled to the ground. She did make it look as though she was suppose to end up on her knees, so it was a nice cover.

Now obviously a lot of singers have had an embarrassing moment like this, remember J Lo at the AMA’s, but in the grand scheme of things this isn’t such a bad thing. It will totally blow over and like I said she covered really well. You have to watch the video in order to know exactly what I am talking about but it is good. It is one of those if you blink you will miss it moments so keep your eyes open.

Poor RiRi she just can’t seem to escape the bad publicity. While performing at Le Dome in France, Rihanna fell on stage and now of course it has landed on Youtube for the world to see. Well they do say bad publicity is better than no publicity at all but I have a feeling the singer might be tired of it all given the year she had last year. Either way she is a trooper in my book and in all honesty her tumble wasn’t that bad just a little funny.

Source: rightcelebrity
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