Mom goes to WebMD and waits seven hours before taking son to doctor

Mom goes to WebMD and waits seven hours before taking son to doctor
Mom goes to WebMD and waits seven hours before taking son to doctor, A mother has been charged after allegedly searching WebMD for how to treat a gunshot wound instead of calling 911 after her teenage son was accidentally shot.

According to authorities, Deborah Tagle Googled how to treat a gunshot after her 14-year-old son was shot by a friend in their Santa Fe, Texas home Tuesday.

Tagle, 55, is charged with one count of injury to a child with intent to commit bodily injury, reports the Houston Chronicle.

Police say Tagle’s son was in the house for seven hours before finally receiving medical attention.

A friend of the unnamed boy named Pete Jesse Rodriguez, 24, has been charged with the actual shooting, which is believed to have taken place around 6:30pm May 7.

Police didn’t learn of the incident until 2am.

KHOU reported that surveillance cameras from inside the home show Rodriguez tracking the boy with the gun and eventually shooting him in the upper thigh area.

Rodriguez was reportedly 'playing' when the gun went off.

The boy reportedly remained on the floor for several minutes before finally getting up.

He’s believed to have aided his mother in her web search in which they looked up the term ‘gunshots’ on WebMD.

Hours later, Tagle drove her son to the hospital, where he’s said to be recuperating.

Rodriguez was initially charged with making false statements to police.

He was later charged, apparently after authorities viewed the in-home surveillance footage, with one count injury to a child—serious bodily injury, which is a felony.

Police have not commented on why the home had cameras installed nor will they release the footage until their investigation comes to a close.

Rodriguez was being held on bonds totaling $151,500.

Tagle was held with bail set at $40,000.
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