Where are they now?

Where are they now?
Where are they now? Ever wonder where sitcom star Jonathan Taylor Thomas disappeared to? Or how former "Bachelor" stars Jason and Molly Mesnick are doing? Keep reading to see what Dennis Rodman, Bindi Irwin and other famous people from the past are up to these days.

Casey Anthony
The murder trial of the Florida mother accused of killing her toddler daughter, Caylee riveted America. After the 2011 acquittal, she went into hiding. She recently resurfaced, only to return to court to explain her mounting debt. casey anthony trial key events, casey anthony guilty providing false information , casey anthony almost $800,000 in debt , casey anthony bankrupt,

John and Lorena Bobbitt
The ill-fated couple became tabloid fodder after Lorena attacked her husband and severed his penis in 1993. Was she convicted?  After divorcing in 1995, the couple reunited for a 2009 interview. They have since gone their separate ways. lorena  bobbitt + not guilty due to temporary insanity, john and lorena bobbitt interview the insider 2009, john wayne bobbitt wrote an autobiography 2012,

George W. Bush
The president had a busy two terms, which included the September 11 attacks, two wars and the global financial crisis. Since leaving the Oval Office, he moved back to Texas and has kept a low profile but he reportedly has picked up a new hobby. george w bush dallas home, george w. bush painting dogs,

Kirk Cameron
The actor became a teen idol thanks to his role on a 1980s sitcom and a 1987 big-screen body-switching comedy and went on to marry his onscreen girlfriend. He has continued to act, although fans probably won't spot him in any mainstream films anytime soon. kirk cameron evangelism,

Erik Chopin
The Season 3 champion of "The Biggest Loser" took home the prize for shedding 214 pounds. But within two years, he regained much of it. Now, he’s back on track with the right tools and mindset. erik chopin 407 pounds, erik chopin 122 pound loss, erik chopin depression and stopped exercising, erik chopin certified spin instructor life coach,

Heather Donahue
Her infamous lost-in-the-woods scene in "The Blair Witch Project" (watch it) has been spoofed by everyone from Cheri Oteri (watch it) to the Muppets (what was it called?) since the horror sensation hit movie theaters in 1999. Recently, she's known for communing with nature in a much different way. the muppets bear wit project,

Shannon Elizabeth
The actress gained notice as topless foreign-exchange student Nadia in a 1999 comedy and went on to portray Kelso's baby mama on "That '70s Show." She still acts occasionally but reportedly makes a good living in a non-Hollywood career. shannon elizabeth + poker player,

Ahmad 'Real' Givens
The entertainer shot to fame one of the contestants vying for Tiffany Pollard’s heart on this VH-1 dating show and later co-starred in the 2008 spin-off, “Real Chance of Love” with his brother. These days, instead of fighting off potential love interests, he’s in the battle of his life. Ahmad Real Givens colon cancer,

Elian Gonzalez
The 6-year-old boy arrived in Florida after being rescued by fisherman in 1999 and became embroiled in a custody battle between his Cuban father and American relatives. He was returned to Cuba after a controversial raid by the federal government. Since then, Gonzalez, now 18, has led a relatively quiet life. elian gonzalez mother drowned, elian gonzalez joins cuban military,

Jamie Lynne Grumet
The Los Angeles mom and blogger caused a stir last year with a provocative magazine cover showing her breastfeeding her nearly 4-year-old son. She defended her parenting style on “Today” and continues the debate in the media. Jamie Lynne Grumet I think that it gives my children a strong bond, Jamie Lynn Grumet Pathways To Family Wellness,

Bindi Irwin
Since "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin died in 2006, his daughter has continued his wildlife preservation legacy through TV shows and essays. Now, the Aussie teen wants to stretch her acting wings. bindi, the jungle girl and bindi's boot camp, bindi irwin hillary clinton essay, bindi irwin return to nim's island,

Jesse James
The twice-divorced ex-host of "Monster Garage" married actress Sandra Bullock in 2005, but a cheating scandal with a tattoo model cost him his third marriage. After a trip to rehab and another broken romance he seems to be settling down. michelle bombshell mcgee tattoo model, jesse james married alexis dejoria,

Shawn Kemp
Criminal allegations thwarted his college career, but the hoopster was a first-round pick in 1989 The six-time All-Star played for 14 years in the NBA and later here. Since retiring, he's had arrests, a rehab stint and paternity drama. His recent venture is more low-key. shawn kemp at least seven children six different women, shawn kemp opens oskar’s kitchen,

Karen Klein
The school bus monitor made news after a video of four middle school boys bullying her went viral. Soon, people worldwide were donating money on her behalf. The students were punished, and the grandmother is putting the experience to positive use. karen klein indiegogo $700,000, karen klein indiegogo vacation fund, boys who bullied karen klein suspended community service, karen klein retired starts anti-bullying foundation,

Charles Korsmo
As a kid, he co-starred with some of the biggest names in show biz with roles in "Hook," "Dick Tracy" and "What About Bob?," but he's keeping even more prestigious company today.  obama + charles r korsmo + Board of Trustees,

Monica Lewinsky
She was a 22-year-old White House intern in 1998 when she was caught up in a presidential scandal. She capitalized on her fame, moved out of the country and was rumored to be telling it all. For now, she's having fun. monica lewinsky london school of economics, monica lewinsky $12 million book deal, monica lewinsky london socialite birthday party,

Jonathan Lipnicki
He rattled off random facts (watch the video) in 1996 as the precocious little boy in "Jerry Maguire," but as a 22-year-old man, his interests have become a bit less cerebral. jonathan lipnicki jiu jitsu,

Danny Lloyd
He debuted in 1980 as the little boy in "The Shining", made one more movie (which one?), and then left Hollywood for good. These days, you're more likely to find him in a classroom than on the red carpet.  will: the autobiography of g. gordon liddy 1982, danny lloyd science teacher,
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