Aniston Cupping Marks: Jennifer Aniston Reveals Cupping Marks

Aniston Cupping Marks: Jennifer Aniston Reveals Cupping Marks
Aniston Cupping Marks: Jennifer Aniston Reveals Cupping Marks, Jennifer Aniston hit her first Hollywood event in a while for Wednesday's Hollywood premiere of Call Me Crazy, the Lifetime "Five Film" series which she helped produce. The 44-year-old star looked sexy as ever in a short, black, strapless pantsuit that emphasized her world-famous stems and a hint of cleavage. With her hair swept back in a glam, low ponytail, Justin Theroux's fiancee beamed as she chatted up the short films starring Brittany Snow, Jennifer Hudson, Bryce Dallas Howard and others.

One glitch with the Wanderlust star's look? Her yoga-toned back sported numerous round cupping marks which foundation failed to conceal. The blonde beauty is among the many A-listers who've tried "cupping" -- a healthful Asian method of stimulating circulation by attaching glass cups to the skin via heat or suction, leaving temporary marks like the one seen on Aniston's back.

Aniston might want to lay off cupping around the time of her wedding -- which, apparently, is still a ways off. Engaged to Theroux since last summer, the starlet told E! News she hasn't even picked out her wedding dress to say "I do" to Theroux, 41. "No, no, no," she told the site.

She spoke with reporters about taking on the role behind the camera to producer Call Me Crazy. "I'm a good boss! I'm hard working! I get it done," she said, adding that the film's serious subject matter -- mental illness -- made the project a bit more meaningful than other projects. "These are the things that fulfill you, these are the things that you wake up and are excited about - not that you don't feel that way about other things, but this feels like I'm making a contribution in a greater way," she mused. "Tt's a different feeling and I feel lucky that I can do this."

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