Lisa Rinna lip trouble

Lisa Rinna lip trouble
Lisa Rinna lip trouble, Lisa's lucky lips responsible for her career? People pretty much associate Rinna with her over-sized lips, even though she recently had them reduced. On March 18, Rinna filled in for Kathie Lee Gifford on "Today," and she told Hoda Kotb -- and the rest of the watching country -- the real story behind her huge lips.

Basically, Rinna had silicone injections 25 years ago. Recently, however, she had some of the silicone removed. "I had a doctor remove as much as they possibly could because it got to a point where they were yucky. They get hard! I mean it's gross. So they are now just whatever that was after they took out as much as the silicon as they could," Rinna explained. Reported Examiner...

Lisa Rinna's lip trouble has since subsided, even though her lips are still puffy. She is on the current season of "Celebrity Apprentice: All-Stars" and Donald Trump has commented on how good Rinna looks -- especially her lips. They definitely seem better and if Rinna is more comfortable with them, then that's all that really matters. As far as Rinna feeling as though she made a mistake getting her lips filled, that's not the case at all. In fact, she thinks that she owes a lot to her pout.

"I would do it again. I never had a career before i had the lips so my lips have had their own career," Rinna told Kotb.
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