Duggar burger bill

Duggar burger bill
Duggar burger bill, A Duggar burger bill totaled over $600. On March 12, TMZ reported that the Duggar family took their brood to "Bill's Bar & Burger" in Manhattan. Between burgers, shakes, fries, nachos, and sodas, the family had quite a pricey lunch... but that's only because there were 23 people in their party. And that's the case for this family almost all the time.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were in New York City with their kids doing some promo work for their upcoming TLC special, "19 Kids and Counting: Duggars Do Asia." And when in New York there is nothing like a little food splurge... right?

The Duggar burger bill probably was one of the cheapest meals the family shared outside of home. You can probably imagine how much they spend if they go to an actual restaurant where the meals consist of more than $8 burgers. Most families have a hard time going out to eat with their two children... but imagine having 10 children... or, like the Duggars, 19?!

While some of the Duggar kids are grown (7 of them are over the age of 18), mom and dad still foot the bill for meals sometimes. And, not unlike this outing, sometimes the Duggars have other guests with them... hey, what's another $50?

A Duggar burger bill is pretty uncommon. Generally speaking, the family is big on eating at home -- so their grocery bill is probably way more impressive.
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