6-month-old shot, dies

6-month-old shot, dies
6-month-old shot, dies Baby dies after being shot 5 times, 6-month-old shot, dies was a headline that was simply heartbreaking to read on Tuesday morning. The 6-month-old baby was shot five times according to an NBC News report.

Jonylah Watkins (pictured above) suffered multiple injuries when she was riddled with bullets. Her father, 28-year-old Jonathan Watkins, was also shot but is listed in stable condition today…..examiner.

Watkins was changing his daughter’s diaper in the front seat of a van when the shooting occurred. According to the police, the shooting took place on the 6500 block of South Maryland Avenue in Chicago. Police are still investigating this case and are working hard to find the gunman.

The 6-month-old shot, dies because of this violent act which police say has “very strong gang overtones.” The baby’s father has “an extensive criminal history” according to police, which lead them to believe that he was the intended target. Sadly, his daughter suffered the ultimate punishment, something a 6-month-old baby definitely does not deserve.

Police say that the shooter ran up behind Watkins, fired several shots, and then jumped in a blue conversion van. Authorities are determined to find the suspect and bring him to justice, but nothing changes the fact that an innocent life was taken.

When a 6-month-old dies after being shot, many speak out about gun laws. This will only deepen the conversation about gun control as this is the just the latest life taken because of gun violence.
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