Sharks escape into mall

Sharks escape into mall
Sharks escape into mall, Sharks escaped into a mall in China after a shark tank broke, according to a Dec. 26 Deadspin report. At least 15 people were injured as these giant beasts flooded into the mall.

When the decorative aquarium cracked and shattered in the Shanghai Orient Shopping Center, fish and turtles and three lemon sharks escaped into the mall among shocked shoppers along with an astonishing 33 tons of water. Unfortunately, the sharks died. The creatures did not cause the injuries; it was the aquarium's broken glass that injured 15 in the mall.

As to whether or not they will replace the aquarium after this nightmare accident, a mall spokesperson said,

"they are not going to build an aquarium again in the future."

It seems like a great move for the mall to not recreate this aquarium, which was in service for two years before it shattered. Can you imagine shopping in a mall when an aquarium shattered flooding the mall with sharks and other fish and turtles? What an absolute disaster.
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