Drake calls out Macy's

Drake calls out Macy's
Drake calls out Macy's, Rap artist Drake got an unexpected surprise on Christmas morning. While the Punk’d star was out and about early on Christmas Day, he stumbled into a familiar slogan printed on products in Walgreens and then again when he went to Macy’s. And judging by his reaction, he wasn’t too happy about it. Keep reading for more details.

According to Billboard.com, Drake called out Macy’s and Walgreens after seeing products with YOLO printed on them. YOLO, which stands for “You Only Live Once” is a motto that Drake claims to live by and one that he popularized through his music.

“Walgreens…you gotta either chill or cut the cheque,” and “Macy’s…same goes for you,” Drake captioned alongside photos of items using the YOLO slogan.

Drake first used YOLO in November 2011 during the release of a mixtape with Ross. And then again when he released bonus track “The Motto” for his “Take Care” album. In The Motto, Drake claims YOLO as his own, “You only live once… that’s the motto n*gga, YOLO.”

The Motto went on to hit the Top 20 of the Hot 100 in 2012 and afterwards, the YOLO acronym exploded and has appeared on a wide variety of products such as tee shirts, hats, and pretty much anything with a flat printable surface.

It sounds like Drake is seeing dollar signs and wants his cut of the profits but that’s not likely to happen because he didn’t patent the YOLO catch phrase for his exclusive use. And even if he had, his beef would not be with Macy’s and Walgreens, it would be with the companies that manufactured the merchandise.

What do you think of Drake calling out Macy’s and Walgreens? Do you think he’s serious about asking them to “cut the cheque?” Or do you think he’s wishing he had patented YOLO and turned it into the latest fashion brand sensation? Post a comment and let us know.

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