Tori Spelling Cheated on her First Husband with Dean Mcdermott

Tori Spelling Cheated on her First Husband with Dean Mcdermott, Tori Spelling has admitted to cheating on her first husband Charlie Shanian with her now-husband Dean McDermott: Tori Spelling has admitted to cheating on her first husband Charlie Shanian with her now-husband Dean McDermott. The actress said she knew her marriage to Shanian was over when she had no regrets about sleeping with McDermott only hours after she first met him.

“After it had happened I didn’t fell any regrets and I thought, ‘I madly in love with this man that I’ve just met…and this is forcing me to really look at my marriage,” says Spelling. She and McDermott were married in 2006. They have a son, Liam, and Spelling is currently pregnant with their second child. pelling allegedly cheated on her then-husband Charlie Shanian with Canadian actor Dean McDermott. After meeting on the set of the TV movie Mind Over Murder, Spelling and McDermott began dating, dumped their partners immediately afterwards and got married.

Hollywood have seen the promo clips for this season's show, which show Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott squabbling and questioning their relationship. On last week's episode, the couple even acknowledged that they are "disconnected". But is there really trouble in paradise?

Spelling and McDermott have been the subject of tabloid fodder since Day 1. It's no secret that both left their former spouses for each other, after meeting on the set of Lifetime movie, Mind Over Murder. McDermott's ex-wife , Mary Jo Eustace, even wrote of her husband's betrayal in an essay for the book 'The Other Woman" and later wrote of meeting Spelling for the first time in her book, "Divorce Sucks What to do when irreconcilable differences, lawyer fees, and your ex's Hollywood wife make you miserable.

But despite it all, Tori and Dean have maintained a loyal following who no doubt enjoy watching them as they raise their young family on their reality show, which is now in its fifth season.

So is the footage showing the couple's relationship problems for real? I always find it interesting when actors have their own reality show. While the show may not be scripted, actors know what it takes to make their show more interesting and they are fully aware of the cameramen in their bedroom while they're having their marital arguments. If Spelling and McDermott were really in the throes of divorce, I'd think they'd have the power to tell the cameras to stop rolling.

Spelling told Access Hollywood last month that the divorce rumors are untrue and even added that more children are not out of the question for the couple (they have two children, Liam and Stella) while OK Magazine published photos of the couple walking hand in hand in New York City earlier this month.

And during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last week, the couple flatly debunked the divorce rumors but acknowledged that they have no problem letting fans see every aspect of their relationship- arguments and all. Of the couple's marriage, McDermott told DeGeneres, "We are so together."
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