Katy Perry Calls Out High School Crush Sings Ur So Gay

Katy Perry Calls Out High School Crush Sings Ur So Gay, Katy Perry Gay Advocates, Sings Ur So Gay, Katy Perry’s high school crush is brushing off her sarcastic shout-out to him at her at their old school. He told RadarOnline.com that it was “kinda embarrassing” but “cool.”

“I turned red [when she called out my name], I mean there’s only so much I can say because I didn’t have the microphone so I couldn’t form a rebuttal or talk any crap back,” said Katy’s former Dos Pueblos High School classmate Shane Lopes in jest. “I thought that would be kind of funny if I was on stage and we were going back and forth.”

It all happened on Tuesday when Katy returned to their alma mater near Santa Barbara, Calif., and spotted Shane in the crowd: “You were the most popular kid in my class!” she told the audience looking right at Shane. “You never wanted to date me, it was always Amanda Wayne. You really chose right, honey. What’s up now!? I’m going to dedicate this next one to Shane Lopes.” She then started strumming her guitar and sang her hit song Ur So Gay.

Katy Perry Dos Pueblos High School (Video)

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