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Zac Efron Taylor Swift, In the upcoming animated film 'Dr. Seuss' The Lorax,' Zac Efron's character, Ted, goes on an adventure to impress his crush, Audrey -- voiced by Taylor Swift. However, as rumors swirl that the co-stars have secretly struck up a real-life romance, Swift, 22, and Efron, 24, have spoken out against the rampant speculation.

"We are not a couple," Swift insisted during a joint interview with Efron on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show.' "He's awesome, we are not a couple though. You hear people get together when they're shooting movies. But not like animated co-stars. You know what I'm saying. Oh my God, as we were recording out voice-overs on separate coasts we really connected," Taylor added with some sass.

Well, despite working on the film in separate parts of the country, Taylor and Zac did manage to find time for some one-on-one music lessons together. The country singer taught the actor how to play guitar! "She's a great teacher," Efron gushed at the Universal CityWalk premiere of the movie. "In the past, everyone who's tried to teach me guitar starts with music theory and stuff like that. I tend to just doze off after a little while. She went straight into songs. She taught me, like, four chords, and I'm already playing all the good campfire songs."

And the co-stars put their guitar sessions to the test during the talk show appearance, singing together while strumming on their guitars for Ellen! The performance was an ode to the talk show host, set to the melody of Foster the People's 'Pumped Up Kicks.' Watch a clip of the performance below and check out Taylor and Zac in action when 'Dr. Seuss' The Lorax' opens on March 2.

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