Natasha Giggs Twitter Death Threats

Natasha Giggs Twitter Death Threats, Natasha Giggs has admitted she was a "little disturbed" after receiving death threats on Twitter.

The 29-year-old sister-in-law of footballer Ryan Giggs was contacted by police after she was targeted on the social networking site by a user warning that her "time is up".

Natasha wrote: "Little disturbed at that... There are some seriously mentally deranged smackrats on Twitter.... Proper little freaks!!! Thanku for the support tweeps muchos appreciated."

The Celebrity Big Brother star then retweeted a message from Greater Manchester Police recommending that she reported the tweets to them.

Natasha vowed not to let the threats upset her too much, however. She told fans: "They will not be ruining my day, today or any other."

Her spokesman told the Star: "She has absolutely no idea who this could be. It is so sinister."
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