Katie Price Statement in Response Peter Andre

Katie Price Statement in Response Peter Andre, When Peter Andre gave a revealing interview in Heat magazine this week, stating that ex-wife Katie Price wanted to reunite with him romantically, amongst other things, we knew it wouldn’t be long before Ms Price had her say.

And boy has she done just that!

Katie has just released a lengthy statement on her official website blog in response to Pete’s claims, insisting she didn’t want to have to drag her personal life through the press again, but, in this situation, she felt she had no choice.

She said: "At the outset I would like to apologise for having to respond to my ex-husbands article in Heat (which Heat published without seeking comment from me and having published a fake interview with me a few weeks ago).

“I am more than aware that the public are as sick as I am of the constant stories harping back to a marriage that ended three years ago. Since the press coverage with respect to Princess's burn I have tried not to engage with these stories but sometimes it is difficult.

“I have an awful lot of respect for what my marriage was and it gave me two amazing Children. I don't want to be drawn into tit for tat comments as I have done previously to my regret. I wish Peter all the success in the world with his career and his personal life - I am sure he does not need to reference me in every interview he gives and I still hope that he joins me in trying to remove the children from the public domain.

“This hope and the hope that we can one day be friends for the sake of the children are however the only hopes I have with respect to a relationship with Pete.

“Was I devastated when Pete left me? Yes. Did I react badly to it? Yes. Am I over this? Yes and I have been for some time. I don't want to be with him and I know he does not want to be with me.”
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