Dangers of Q Tips Ruptured Eardrums, Pushes Wax into Ear Canal

 Dangers of Q Tips Ruptured Eardrums, Pushes Wax into Ear Canal, The skin of the ear canal and the eardrum is very thin and fragile, and is easily injured, so a patient should never probed his or her ear with Q Tips by wax pushing up against the eardrum, because it is dangerous for ear and can cause ruptured eardrums.

Cleaning your ear with a Q-Tip or other similar devices is not recommended since it pushes parts of the earwax inside your ear which will cause buildup and it risks piercing your eardrum.

Patients can take a Q-tip, but such objects only serve as ramrods to push the wax deeper into the ear and can lead to problems.

The ear canal is more prone to infection after it has been whipped clean of the good, coating-type wax.
Some doctors recommend the use of two drops of mineral oil in each ear one day per week at bedtime to help liquefy ear wax in people who have a history of recurrent problems with ear wax.

This should only be done if the individual has an intact eardrum and no other known problems with their ears.
Before you put anything in your ear, make sure you read through the entire hub first.
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