2012 Spring Hair Trends

2012 Spring Hair Trends, Key hairstyles to follow for spring and summer 2012 season from the runway. Most of the hair trends for this spring and summer season are carefree, relaxed and very easy to recreate at home. One of the biggest trends for this season is the look of scarfs worn on the head. Many designers loved this trend, and it can be a easy accessory to wear in the Spring and Summer Hairstyles 2012 warmer months. Simply find a style that works for you and go with it.

Another big trend this season is the wet look or slicked back hair. You can recreate this trend by simply wearing your hair and styling it with products that will keep your locks looking slicked back all day.

Each season the hair stylist on the runway weave between center parts and off center parts. This spring and summer 2012, designers loved the look of center parts and off center parts and both were favored at New York Fashion Week.

Messy Hair was a look that was featured in several different shows and it’s the perfect style for you to recreate when you just don’t know what to do with your hair.

Retro hairstyles are a look that are ruling both red carpets and new york fashion week.

Bold hues such as pink, and turquoise are still fab ways to color you hair this season.
High Buns are perfect for a carefree fashion forward look.
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