Vanessa Bryant Gets $75M

Vanessa Bryant  Gets $75M

Vanessa Bryant  Gets $75M, Vanessa Bryant, the wife of Lakers NBA star Kobe Bryant, has reportedly scored a huge victory in the divorce settlement.

She has secured 75 million dollars as well as three properties the couple own in Newport Beach, California, according to

Sources say Vanessa will take full ownership of the mansion the pair lived in, as well as the new home they had been building for the past two years.

She is also now the owner of a third property where her mother had been living.

The 75 million dollars payout is exactly half of the couple's estimated 150 dollars million fortune.

It's still unclear when Vanessa filed for divorce from the NBA star, but Kobe signed the paperwork on December 1, 2011, according to New York Post.

"The Bryants have resolved all issues incident to their divorce privately with the assistance of counsel and a judgment dissolving their marital status will be entered in 2012," Contactmusic quoted a joint statement by the former couple as saying.

Vanessa supported Kobe when 19-year-old hotel employee Katelyn Faber accused him of sexual assault in 2003 - the criminal case was eventually dropped, though a civil case was settled out of court.

According to sources the reason behind the divorce was that Vanessa was "fed up with her husband's alleged philandering".

The couple had never signed a prenuptial agreement, meaning they were forced to split their fortune 50/50 by Californian law. (ANI)
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