Jennifer Garner Baby Sex

Jennifer Garner Baby Sex, As you may know, Jennifer Garner is currently very, very pregnant. This is awesome, as babies are exciting things and she and hubby Ben Affleck are already awesome parents to their two daughters, Seraphina and Violet. But there are two questions in the air right now that she just can't shake:

a) What is it? And b) What are you naming it?

These, naturally, became a topic of conversation during Jennifer's chat with Jay Leno on Wednesday's episode of The Tonight Show. She told Jay that she's not due until the spring; however, she also joked, "I'm 17 and a half months pregnant, basically, is how I feel." A sort-of answer to question A popped up early in the conversation; Jennifer does know the baby's sex, but she wouldn't reveal it to Jay. Which sex they hope it is, however, is fair game. At first, Ben it appears that wanted a boy, since they've got two girls already; but Jennifer noted, that then he said, "Well, we have girls. We know how to do girls. My girls love me. I'm the big guy in the house." So now she's not so sure. Jennifer has said before that she herself wants another girl, but I mean, hey. Any baby is a good baby.

Sex aside, though, that leaves us with question B: What about names? Well, given that the baby's gender is still in the dark, we're flying a little blind here, but here are some suggestions:

Moonbeam (this one was Jay's suggestion)

Harley Davidson Garner (also from Jay)

Donald Duck

Minnie Mouse Affleck

Peter Pan

Captain Hook

Smee (those five are the names that Seraphina and Violet came up with)

Mercedes-Benz (if "Harley Davidson" is fair game, so is this)

Carebear (not unlike "Moonbeam")

Optimus Prime (no weirder than Pilot Inspektor or Moxie CrimeFighter)

Banana (he/she/it can hang out with Apple Martin)

Buttercup (an unconventional princess name)

Green Hornet (way cooler than Blue Ivy, though possibly the child will have a hard time living down that awful, awful movie of it)

Jackalope (who wouldn't want to be named after a creature that may or may not exist?)

Lampshade (why not?)

Man, I could do this all day. Call me, Jen and Ben. I've got plenty more where those came from.
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