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Michelle Obama Twitter, Personally, I will not be following her and believe this is the final step in proving social media has gone too far in our society. Her account will have less overall social importance than the Twitter account of a neighborhood watch with 10 members.

According to the report, Obama will tag posts which are directly from her. The account itself will actually be managed by her husband's campaign staff so followers are sure to be inundated with requests to vote for President Obama. At the time of the Fox News article, the first lady had been followed by more than 100,000 people, which means there are more than 100,000 people who must not mind reading why they should vote for a person in 140 characters or less.

If she is going to have a Twitter account, it should be her account and not be run by someone else. The reason why political figures and celebrities have accounts is to get closer to constituents and fans. In this instance, the statement is being made that the first lady wants to get closer to the public from time to time when she can pull the spin machine away from the computer for two minutes.

Of course, this sets us a unique opportunity for odd news stories to come out. How long until an ornery staffer makes a post on the account and tags it as if it is coming from Michelle Obama? While I am not a birther, I think it would be humorous if a staffer were to make a comment like "Who really believed Pres's birth cert? Come on. Sasha made it - MO."

There is also the chance of someone hacking into the Twitter account. Countless celebrities have had issues such as this since Twitter became a rage. How long until a post appears like, "I am soooo drunk right now…Luvs me sum Capt Morgan - MO" on the first lady's account? How long until Michelle Obama's Twitter account becomes the center of a national security issue?

We all knew President Obama and other candidates would do what they could to embrace social media in new ways for this election. This way has the first lady's stamp of approval. This could go down as her biggest mistake since moving into the White House.
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