Celebrity Dogs

Celebrity Dogs, Even dog owners who live the fabulous life have to endure such un-glam trials as chewed-up stilettos, doggie breath and house training. Try to guess which stars are happily humbled by these beloved hounds.

Arthur, This cocker spaniel is so beloved by his British super star owner that he was "best man" at his wedding. Who's the famous companion? Elton John, Arthur the cocker spaniel dog of singer, Elton John + cocker spaniels carved into set design
Bo, Bo put the Portuguese water dog breed on the map in 2009, as the world watched two very high-profile daughters receive their first pet. Who's the famous companion? Barack Obama, portuguese water dog, Michelle Obama + "I took Bo to Petco" Bo Obama + Martha's Vineyard + August 2011
Dali the Fench bulldog actor's dog, The same hands that were immortalized on Hollywood Blvd. in April 2009 scoop this French bulldog's poop. Who's the famous companion? Hugh Jackman, Grauman's Chinese Theatre,
Francesca & Sharkey Stewart, Handmade sweaters, artisanal doggie treats, seasonally decorated doghouses — we imagine these French bulldogs are always on canine Cloud 9. Who's their famous companion? Martha Stewart, Francesca & Sharkey + The Daily Wag blog, Francesca split Martha Stewart's lip, Martha Stewart dog treat recipes, Martha Stewart + Genghis Khan dies in explosion
George the mutt owned by actor Ryan, This 11-year-old Mohawk-sporting mutt and his leading man owner recently traded the lawns of L.A. for the streets of New York City. Who's the famous companion? Ryan Gosling, Ryan Gosling + dog George pees in yoga class
Giggy the pomeranian, The poufed-up Pomeranian has his every fashion statement caught on camera, thanks to a hit reality show. Who's the famous companion? Lisa Vanderpump, Gigolo "Giggy" the Pomeranian, Andy Cohen + Giggy
Isaboo the pit bull, With his owner's profession, it's easy to imagine that pit bull, Isaboo, is one well-fed pooch. Who's the famous companion? Rachael Ray, Isaboo attacks other dogs
Jackie the Jack Russell terrier tennis star, With no shortage of balls flying around, this Jack Russell terrier can go fetch all day long. Who's the famous companion? Serena Williams, Serena Williams + Jackie Long, Serena Williams + dog named after Mariah Carey's dog Jack, Serena Williams + Maltese Lorelei
Pacman the Jack Russell terrier owned by boxer, It takes a high-energy Jack Russell terrier to train with an owner who's a champ. Who's the famous companion? Manny Pacquiao, Pacman the Dog + American citizen
Sadie the cocker spaniel, Cocker spaniel Sadie joins golden retrievers, Luke and Layla, in the home of a multi-media mogul. Who's the famous companion? Oprah Winfrey, Sadie + mascot of Harpo, oprah signs off final show with sadie, Oprah Winfrey sponsors PAWS no-kill shelter, Sunny and Lauren + Oprah Winfrey
Winston the bull dog owned by joe, Winston the bulldog is probably used to the sound of teenage girls screaming whenever his owner's around. Who's the famous companion? Joe Jonas, WinstonDaDog + Twitter
Whiz the Yorkshire terrier, This little Yorkie has a fittingly diminutive Oscar-winner for an owner. Who's the famous companion? Natalie Portman, Natalie Portman + baby Aleph
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