Lindsay Lohan Spread Eagle

Lindsay Lohan Spread Eagle, Lindsay Lohan’s Play boy Cover: We Figure Out Her Strategy: So, yesterday, we were kind of thinking it was weird for Lindsay Lohan to choose.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show as the venue in which to premiere her “classy” Play boy spread. But now that the cover has leaked all over the freaking world (well, we got it from, but yeah, it’s EVERYWHERE), we think that wasn’t exactly her strategy.

What’s actually going on here is very complex: She wants everyone to see the photos of her spread eagle behind a Play boy Bunny chair, react with shock and dismay, discuss her downward spiral, shield our children from her, realize that she’s being “attacked by the media,” feel sorry for her, defend her, then declare that she’s actually an ironic feminist icon, then print T-shirts with the image on them.

And by then it will be next Thursday, just in time for her appearance on Ellen. After all this time, the girl knows her pop-culture news cycles.
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