Demi Moore AA sponsor funeral

Demi Moore AA sponsor funeral
Demi Moore AA sponsor funeral, Demi attends AA sponsor's funeral. Demi Moore, still coping with her split from Ashton Kutcher, attended the funeral of her longtime friend and former Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor Pattsy Rugg, 70.

Moore was photographed crying as she left the service. But over the weekend, Demi Moore put her marriage trouble aside as she attended the funeral of her long-time friend Pattsy Rugg.

Looking understandably upset, Demi clutched a male friend's arm as she left the Christ the King Church in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, following the emotional service. Wearing an all-black outfit, Demi appeared to have lost even more weight since releasing a statement about the end of her marriage, and looked worryingly thin as she headed home.

She later attempted to conceal her tears under a pair of sunglasses.

Demi, 49, was close friends with Rugg, a substance abuse counsellor who is reported to have died from complications arising from pneumonia.

The pair are believed to have met when Rugg was appointed as Demi's Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor.

Demi was so close to Rugg that she even used to introduce her to friends as her mother.

Rugg, who was a certified art therapist, worked at the Barnstable County Correctional Facility
She died aged 70 on November 25th.

An obituary for Rugg read: 'Pattsy, born in Worcester, Mass September 25, 1941, leaves us with a legacy of love, compassion and accomplishments that go far beyond any words captured in this difficult announcement.'
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