Next Live co-host

Next Live co-host
Next Live co-host - Mark Consuelos came on 'Good Day NY' to talk about his new Fox sitcom called 'I Hate My Teenage Daughter,' and to speculate on who his wife Kelly Ripa's new 'Live' co-host will be.

In 'I Hate My Teenage Daughter,' he plays a Spanish teacher who asks Jaime Pressly's single-mom character Annie out on a date. Greg Kelly was interested in the possible sexual tension on set, and asked, "When you kiss somebody who's not related to you, it's hard to not start feeling something, right?"

Consuelos laughed and used his Ripa as an example of how professional on-screen kissing works, saying "She kissed Regis a lot on that show. I can guarantee you she was feeling nothing." Somewhere, the Reeg shed a lonely tear. How I Met Your Mother,

When Rosanna Scotto brought up the idea of Mark filling Regis' chair as the next 'Live' co-host, and Consuelos was ready with a logical explanation as to why it would be a terrible idea. "Let's say you're the President of Disney; let's say you're Bob Iger. Neil Patrick Harris date of birth,

Would you allow that to happen?" he asked. Rosanna and Greg didn't see the problem, but then he went on, sounding like Lex Luthor. dancing with the stars,

"Do you know how much power we would have? We would have way too much power!" It's unclear just how much power that would be, but it does seem like any amount would be way too much. Regis Philbin author,

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