Good will hunting house 779K

Good will hunting house 779K
Good will hunting house 779K - A piece of LA film history has hit the real estate market -- and it comes with a price chop. This is the house where Ben Affleck (an Occidental College alum) and Matt Damon lived while writing the script for their Academy Award winning film, "Good Will Hunting." Originally, the farmland was purchased by Eagle Rock pioneer, Albert Brasch who commissioned architect Jean L. Egasse to design the "chalet" like property.

In 1923, shortly after the home was built, California Southland stated, "To design a house for a hillside as one would plan an ornament for a crown or sword hilt: to make the hill a picture or a tapestry of houses and gardens—this is the craft of J.L. good will hunting house for sale,

Egasse who seems able to grasp the ensemble of a hillside and to build his house and garden as a part of the landscape." good will hunting house 779K,

The four bedroom, two bathroom property features fireplaces, crown molding, stone floors, a detached garage, and treetop views. ben affleck birthday,

The Hansel and Gretel-style house was also anthologized by the "Los Angeles: An Architectural Guide." matt damon date of birth,

Source: huffingtonpost
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