Conrad Murray trial

Conrad Murray trial
Conrad Murray trial, The manslaughter trial of Michael Jackson's doctor Conrad Murray officially got under way Tuesday with opening statements from the prosecution and defense and testimony from the first witnesses.

While the world watched, prosecutors showed a photo of Jackson lying dead in a hospital bed and played a shocking audio tape of a drugged Jackson slurring his words so badly that he was barely understandable.

Michael Jackson's Drugged Phone Call

For his part, Murray looked stunned at what was presented by the prosecution. Murray cried as his defense attorney described his client as a doctor who saved the lives of people who couldn't afford to pay.

The Houston-based cardiologist is accused of administering a lethal dose of the powerful anesthetic propofol to Jackson, who died June 25, 2009.

Before opening statements began it could have been a scene from the singer's 2005 trial, as members of the Jackson family filled the courtroom. While most of their faces are already familiar, others are less so.

To help you sort through the cast of characters in Murray's trial, we've put together a list of who's who. Click through to see them.

Source: abcnews
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