Bianca La Russa

Bianca La Russa
Bianca La Russa, Bianca La Russa Tony La Russa's Daughter Forced To Quit Being Raiders Cheerleader, Statistically, cheerleading is one of the most dangerous sports around.

For further proof of this, take the case of Bianca La Russa, a Raiderette and the daughter of St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony La Russa. She injured herself before the season even began and tweeted yesterday that, "I've had to stop dancing with the Raiderettes, due to degenerative disc disease & multiple bulging/herniated frustrating."

Bianca was a first year Raiderette and made the team last April.

She went on to tweet that she would not need surgery, only physical therapy and that had she not quit dancing she would have risked permanent nerve damage. Bianca La Russa,

Bianca was not the only new Raiderette who garnered headlines after making the team this Spring. Susie Sanchez, a 37-year-old grandmother, also caused a stir after being named to the squad. Bianca La Russa,

Source: huffingtonpost
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