Babysitters used toddler as decoy?

Babysitters used toddler as decoy?
Babysitters used toddler as decoy?, While attempting to steal beer from a Meijer in South Bend Indiana, a couple who were watching a 2-year-old at the time, used the toddler to hide the liquor.
“It appears they put this child on top of a blanket, which was on top of some alcohol they were trying to conceal, and sort of used him as a decoy so you couldn’t really tell what he was laying on top of,” South Bend Police Capt. Phil Trent told WSBT-TV.

The man and woman were arrested as they tried a similar heist from a nearby Walmart. Police told ABC Chicago, Benjamin Sims, 27 and Danielle Howey, 26,were caught on a security video attempting to steal several hundred dollars worth of DVDs.

The mother of the toddler, Nicole McCullough, who is related to the couple by marriage, was distraught while attempting to locate her young son. Benjamin Sims, 27, and Danielle Howey, 26, South Bend police station,

“Horrible, it really was,” she told the Chicago Tribune, tears streaming down her cheeks. “I couldn’t find him, didn’t know where he was. Called the hospital, called everybody I knew trying to get a hold of them.”

The duo had been babysitting the boy for two months while McCullough worked.

“It makes you feel awful. It kind of makes you feel like you put your son in that [situation], but I had no clue. I thought [leaving him with] family, it would be safe,” she told the Tribune.

Sims and Howey are facing felony theft charges according to WSBT-TV. babysitters 2 year old, Babysitters used toddler as decoy?

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